Robert J Schneider

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Robert J Schneider, Ph.D.

Professor; Albert B. Sabin Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Pathogenesis; Associate Dean for Therapeutics Alliances
Departments of Microbiology (Microbiology ) and Radiation Oncology (Radiation Oncology )

Contact Info

450 East 29th street
Floor 3 Room 305
New York, NY


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1981 — Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY, Graduate Education
1981-1985 — Dr. Schneider was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Microbiology at Stony Brook, continued at the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University, Princeton. NJ, PostDoctoral Training

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Research Summary

I am an Associate Director of the NYU Cancer Institute, Director of Translational Cancer Research, and Co-director of the Breast Cancer Research Program at NYU School of Medicine. Our research is directed to three major areas: (1) the molecular and genetic understanding of advanced breast cancers and the development of new treatment strategies and therapeutics for advanced breast cancers, focusing particularly on the role of protein synthesis and mTOR kinase regulation; (2) the molecular understanding of gene regulation by ionizing radiation, particularly its ability to regulate protein synthesis and use of this knowledge for development of new cancer treatment strategies; and (3) regulation of the inflammatory response by targeted rapid degradation of inflammatory cytokine mRNAs, and the connection to cancer development and progression.

Research Interests

Breast cancer genetics and molecular biology, Post-transcriptional control of gene expression, role of protein synthesis in cancer development

Research Keywords

breast cancer, inflammatory cytokines, inflammation, translational regulation, gene regulation, mRNA stability

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High levels of Hsp90 cochaperone p23 promote tumor progression and poor prognosis in breast cancer by increasing lymph node metastases and drug resistance
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