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Mikel Sadek

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery

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462 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016


Endovascular treatment of acute renal failure secondary to caval thrombosis and suprarenal filter migration
Sheth, S U; Shah, T R; Wang, Z; Ferdous, T; Sadek, M; Mussa, F F
2015-06-30; 2213-333x,Journal of vascular surgery. Venous & lymphatic disorders - id: 1644662, year: 2015

Are Non-Tumescent Ablation Procedures Ready to Take Over?
Sadek, Mikel; Kabnick, Lowell S
2014-05-22; 0268-3555,Phlebology - id: 1003752, year: 2014 REVIEW

Use of Preoperative Magnetic Resonance Angiography and the Artis zeego Fusion Program to Minimize Contrast During Endovascular Repair of an Iliac Artery Aneurysm
Sadek, Mikel; Berland, Todd L; Maldonado, Thomas S; Rockman, Caron B; Mussa, Firas F; Adelman, Mark A; Veith, Frank J; Cayne, Neal S
2013-11-08; 0890-5096,Annals of vascular surgery - id: 612962, year: 2013 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Preoperative relative abdominal aortic aneurysm thrombus burden predicts endoleak and sac enlargement after endovascular anerysm repair
Sadek, Mikel; Dexter, David J; Rockman, Caron B; Hoang, Han; Mussa, Firas F; Cayne, Neal S; Jacobowitz, Glen R; Veith, Frank J; Adelman, Mark A; Maldonado, Thomas S
2013-10-28; 0890-5096,Annals of vascular surgery - id: 586262, year: 2013 Journal Article

Complications of endovenous lasers
Dexter, D; Kabnick, L; Berland, T; Jacobowitz, G; Lamparello, P; Maldonado, T; Mussa, F; Rockman, C; Sadek, M; Giammaria, L E; Adelman, M
2012-03-02; 0268-3555,Phlebology - id: 157762, year: 2012 Journal Article