Hyung Don Ryoo

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Hyung Don Ryoo, Ph.D., D.Phil.

Associate Professor; Advsr Cellular Molecular Bio Trng Program; Co Dir CMB Training Program; Inst Lecturer-Cell Bio & Histology
Department of Cell Biology (Cell Biology)

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550 First Avenue
Floor 4 Room 497B
Medical Science Building
New York, NY 10016


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1994-2000 — Columbia Univ, Graduate Education

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Integration of UPRER and Oxidative Stress Signaling in the Control of Intestinal Stem Cell Proliferation
Wang, Lifen; Zeng, Xiankun; Ryoo, Hyung Don; Jasper, Heinrich
2014 Aug;10(8):e1004568-e1004568 e1004568, PLoS genetics
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Hyperactivated Wnt Signaling Induces Synthetic Lethal Interaction with Rb Inactivation by Elevating TORC1 Activities
Zhang, Tianyi; Liao, Yang; Hsu, Fu-Ning; Zhang, Robin; Searle, Jennifer S; Pei, Xun; Li, Xuan; Ryoo, Hyung Don; Ji, Jun-Yuan; Du, Wei
2014 May;10(5):e1004357-e1004357 e1004357, PLoS genetics
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Xbp1-independent Ire1 signaling is required for photoreceptor differentiation and rhabdomere morphogenesis in Drosophila
Coelho, Dina S; Cairrao, Fatima; Zeng, Xiaomei; Pires, Elisabete; Coelho, Ana V; Ron, David; Ryoo, Hyung Don; Domingos, Pedro M
2013 Nov;5(3):791-801, Cell reports
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Drosophila p53 isoforms differentially regulate apoptosis and apoptosis-induced proliferation
Dichtel-Danjoy, M-L; Ma, D; Dourlen, P; Chatelain, G; Napoletano, F; Robin, M; Corbet, M; Levet, C; Hafsi, H; Hainaut, P; Ryoo, H D; Bourdon, J-C; Mollereau, B
2013 Jan;20(1):108-116, Cell death & differentiation
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Compensatory proliferation and apoptosis-induced proliferation: a need for clarification
Mollereau, B; Perez-Garijo, A; Bergmann, A; Miura, M; Gerlitz, O; Ryoo, H D; Steller, H; Morata, G
2013 Jan;20(1):181-181, Cell death & differentiation
— id: 206292, year: 2013, vol: 20, page: 181, stat: Journal Article,

CDK7 Regulates the Mitochondrial Localization of a Tail-Anchored Proapoptotic Protein, Hid
Morishita, Jun; Kang, Min-Ji; Fidelin, Kevin; Ryoo, Hyung Don
2013 Dec;5(6):1481-1488, Cell reports
— id: 759772, year: 2013, vol: 5, page: 1481, stat: Journal Article,

Drosophila XBP1 Expression Reporter Marks Cells under Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and with High Protein Secretory Load
Ryoo, Hyung Don; Li, Josepher; Kang, Min-Ji
2013 ;8(9):e75774-e75774 e75774, PLoS one
— id: 574142, year: 2013, vol: 8, page: e75774, stat: Journal Article,

A modified UPR stress sensing system reveals a novel tissue distribution of IRE1/XBP1 activity during normal Drosophila development
Sone, Michio; Zeng, Xiaomei; Larese, Joseph; Ryoo, Hyung Don
2013 May;18(3):307-319, Cell stress chaperones
— id: 304812, year: 2013, vol: 18, page: 307, stat: Journal Article,

Expression of human Gaucher disease gene GBA generates neurodevelopmental defects and ER stress in Drosophila eye
Suzuki, Takahiro; Shimoda, Masami; Ito, Kumpei; Hanai, Shuji; Aizawa, Hidenobu; Kato, Tomoki; Kawasaki, Kazunori; Yamaguchi, Terumi; Ryoo, Hyung Don; Goto-Inoue, Naoko; Setou, Mitsutoshi; Tsuji, Shoji; Ishida, Norio
2013 ;8(8):e69147-e69147 e69147, PLoS one
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Drosophila BRUCE inhibits apoptosis through non-lysine ubiquitination of the IAP-antagonist REAPER
Domingues, C; Ryoo, H D
2012 Mar;19(3):470-477, Cell death & differentiation
— id: 158637, year: 2012, vol: 19, page: 470, stat: Journal Article,

CDK5 and MEKK1 mediate pro-apoptotic signalling following endoplasmic reticulum stress in an autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa model
Kang, Min-Ji; Chung, Jaehoon; Ryoo, Hyung Don
2012 Apr;14(4):409-415, Nature cell biology
— id: 163572, year: 2012, vol: 14, page: 409, stat: Journal Article,

Pro-apoptotic signaling pathway by CDK5 and MEKK1
Ryoo, Hyung Don
2012 May;11(9):1746-1747, Cell cycle
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The role of apoptosis-induced proliferation for regeneration and cancer
Ryoo, Hyung Don; Bergmann, Andreas
2012 ;4(8):a008797-a008797, Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology
— id: 174400, year: 2012, vol: 4, page: a008797, stat: Journal Article,

Impaired tissue growth is mediated by checkpoint kinase 1 (CHK1) in the integrated stress response
Malzer, Elke; Daly, Marie-Louise; Moloney, Aileen; Sendall, Timothy J; Thomas, Sally E; Ryder, Edward; Ryoo, Hyung Don; Crowther, Damian C; Lomas, David A; Marciniak, Stefan J
2010 Sep;123(Pt 17):2892-2900, Journal of cell science
— id: 761532, year: 2010, vol: 123, page: 2892, stat: Journal Article,

Distinct death mechanisms in Drosophila development
Ryoo, Hyung Don; Baehrecke, Eric H
2010 Dec;22(6):889-895, Current opinion in cell biology
— id: 761522, year: 2010, vol: 22, page: 889, stat: Journal Article,

Drosophila IAP antagonists form multimeric complexes to promote cell death
Sandu, Cristinel; Ryoo, Hyung Don; Steller, Hermann
2010 Sep 20;190(6):1039-1052, Journal of cell biology
— id: 133803, year: 2010, vol: 190, page: 1039, stat: Journal Article,

Suppression of retinal degeneration in Drosophila by stimulation of ER-associated degradation
Kang, Min-Ji; Ryoo, Hyung Don
2009 Oct 6;106(40):17043-17048, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
— id: 104349, year: 2009, vol: 106, page: 17043, stat: Journal Article,

ER stress protects from retinal degeneration
Mendes, Cesar S; Levet, Clemence; Chatelain, Gilles; Dourlen, Pierre; Fouillet, Antoine; Dichtel-Danjoy, Marie-Laure; Gambis, Alexis; Ryoo, Hyung Don; Steller, Hermann; Mollereau, Bertrand
2009 May;28(9):1296-1307, EMBO journal
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Hyung Don Ryoo: a healthy career in cellular death
Ryoo, Hyung Don
2009 Jun;185(5):758-759, Journal of cell biology
— id: 761542, year: 2009, vol: 185, page: 758, stat: Journal Article,

STAT92E is a positive regulator of Drosophila inhibitor of apoptosis 1 (DIAP/1) and protects against radiation-induced apoptosis
Betz, Aurel; Ryoo, Hyung Don; Steller, Hermann; Darnell, James E Jr
2008 Sep 16;105(37):13805-13810, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
— id: 90753, year: 2008, vol: 105, page: 13805, stat: Journal Article,

Regulation of the Drosophila apoptosome through feedback inhibition
Shapiro, Peter J; Hsu, Hans H; Jung, Heekyung; Robbins, Edith S; Ryoo, Hyung Don
2008 Dec;10(12):1440-1446, Nature cell biology
— id: 90751, year: 2008, vol: 10, page: 1440, stat: Journal Article,

Ero1L, a thiol oxidase, is required for Notch signaling through cysteine bridge formation of the Lin12-Notch repeats in Drosophila melanogaster
Tien, An-Chi; Rajan, Akhila; Schulze, Karen L; Ryoo, Hyung Don; Acar, Melih; Steller, Hermann; Bellen, Hugo J
2008 Sep 22;182(6):1113-1125, Journal of cell biology
— id: 90752, year: 2008, vol: 182, page: 1113, stat: Journal Article,

Unfolded protein response in a Drosophila model for retinal degeneration
Ryoo, Hyung Don; Domingos, Pedro M; Kang, Min-Ji; Steller, Hermann
2007 Jan 10;26(1):242-252, EMBO journal
— id: 70029, year: 2007, vol: 26, page: 242, stat: Journal Article,

Unfolded protein response in Drosophila: why another model can make it fly
Ryoo, Hyung Don; Steller, Hermann
2007 Apr;6(7):830-835, Cell cycle
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Developmental apoptosis
Ryoo HD; Steller H
Apoptosis in health and disease : clinical and therapeutic aspects Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005,
— id: 3621, year: 2005, vol: , page: ?, stat: Chapter,

Apoptotic cells can induce compensatory cell proliferation through the JNK and the Wingless signaling pathways
Ryoo, Hyung Don; Gorenc, Travis; Steller, Hermann
2004 Oct;7(4):491-501, Developmental cell
— id: 57966, year: 2004, vol: 7, page: 491, stat: Journal Article,

Hippo and its mission for growth control
Ryoo, Hyung Don; Steller, Hermann
2003 Oct;5(10):853-855, Nature cell biology
— id: 57967, year: 2003, vol: 5, page: 853, stat: Journal Article,

Specificity of Distalless repression and limb primordia development by abdominal Hox proteins
Gebelein, Brian; Culi, Joaquim; Ryoo, Hyung Don; Zhang, Wen; Mann, Richard S
2002 Oct;3(4):487-498, Developmental cell
— id: 57968, year: 2002, vol: 3, page: 487, stat: Journal Article,

Regulation of Drosophila IAP1 degradation and apoptosis by reaper and ubcD1
Ryoo, Hyung Don; Bergmann, Andreas; Gonen, Hedva; Ciechanover, Aaron; Steller, Hermann
2002 Jun;4(6):432-438, Nature cell biology
— id: 57969, year: 2002, vol: 4, page: 432, stat: Journal Article,

Regulation of Hox downstream target genes by Hox/Exd/Hth
Ryoo, Hyung Don
[S.l. : s.n.], 2000,
— id: 1939, year: 2000, vol: , page: , stat: ,

Control of the nuclear localization of Extradenticle by competing nuclear import and export signals
Abu-Shaar M; Ryoo HD; Mann RS
1999 Apr 15;13(8):935-945, Genes & development
— id: 57972, year: 1999, vol: 13, page: 935, stat: Journal Article,

Structure of a DNA-bound Ultrabithorax-Extradenticle homeodomain complex
Passner JM; Ryoo HD; Shen L; Mann RS; Aggarwal AK
1999 Feb 25;397(6721):714-719, Nature
— id: 57973, year: 1999, vol: 397, page: 714, stat: Journal Article,

The control of trunk Hox specificity and activity by Extradenticle
Ryoo HD; Mann RS
1999 Jul 1;13(13):1704-1716, Genes & development
— id: 57971, year: 1999, vol: 13, page: 1704, stat: Journal Article,

Regulation of Hox target genes by a DNA bound Homothorax/Hox/Extradenticle complex
Ryoo HD; Marty T; Casares F; Affolter M; Mann RS
1999 Nov;126(22):5137-5148, Development
— id: 57970, year: 1999, vol: 126, page: 5137, stat: Journal Article,

Switching the in vivo specificity of a minimal Hox-responsive element
Chan SK; Ryoo HD; Gould A; Krumlauf R; Mann RS
1997 May;124(10):2007-2014, Development
— id: 57977, year: 1997, vol: 124, page: 2007, stat: Journal Article,

Synergistic activation of a Drosophila enhancer by HOM/EXD and DPP signaling
Grieder NC; Marty T; Ryoo HD; Mann RS; Affolter M
1997 Dec 15;16(24):7402-7410, EMBO journal
— id: 57974, year: 1997, vol: 16, page: 7402, stat: Journal Article,

A role for phosphorylation by casein kinase II in modulating Antennapedia activity in Drosophila
Jaffe L; Ryoo HD; Mann RS
1997 May 15;11(10):1327-1340, Genes & development
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Nuclear translocation of extradenticle requires homothorax, which encodes an extradenticle-related homeodomain protein
Rieckhof GE; Casares F; Ryoo HD; Abu-Shaar M; Mann RS
1997 Oct 17;91(2):171-183, Cell
— id: 57975, year: 1997, vol: 91, page: 171, stat: Journal Article,