Stephen C. Rush

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Stephen C. Rush, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor;
Departments of Neurosurgery (Neurosurgery) and Radiation Oncology (Radiation Oncology )

Clinical Addresses

530 First Avenue
Gamma Knife Suite - Basement
New York, NY 10016
Handicap Access: yes
Phone: 212-263-5810

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Medical Specialties

Cancer, Radiation Oncology

Medical Expertise

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery, Radiation Oncology




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Board Certification

1990 — Ab Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology


1979-1983 — Howard University Col. of Medicine, Medical Education
1983-1984 — Lenox Hill Hospital (Gereral Surgery), Internship
1986-1989 — NYU Medical Center (Radiation Oncology), Residency Training

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