Darrell S Rigel

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Darrell Rigel

Clinical Professor, Department of Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology

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1978 — George Washington Univ, Medical Education
— NYU Medical Center (Dermatologic Surgery), Clinical Fellowships
1978-1979 — New York Hospital (Medicine), Internship
1979-1982 — NYU Medical Center (Dermatology), Residency Training

Research Summary

A. Oncology/Surgery

1. Sunlight/Ultraviolet light and its effects on the skin.

2. Risk, etiologic and prognostic factors in malignant melanoma, squamous-cell carcinoma, basal-cell carcinoma and other cutaneous malignancies.

3. Establishment, management and analysis of computerized data bases as means for above.

4. Application of results from above to improved surgical technique and patient management to improve cure rates in these diseases.

5. Etiologic factors in aging of the skin - medical and surgical therapy.

6. Development of improved techniques for dermatologic surgery (skin cancer removal, hair transplantation, resurfacing.)

B. Computer Applications in Dermatology/Medicine

1. Computer aided recognition of histologic characteristics of lesions. Computer aided spatial and contrast enhancement of morphology.

2. Direct applications to prognosis and improved patient care.

3. Computer aided instruction in dermatology. Application in an out-patient setting.

4. General office management computer applications.

Research Interests

Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Photaging, Photoprotection

The impact of guidance provided by a multispectral digital skin lesion analysis (MSDSLA) device following dermatoscopy on dermatologist and nondermatologist decisions to biopsy atypical melanocytic lesions
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Polypodium leucotomos extract: a status report on clinical efficacy and safety
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The Impact of Multispectral Digital Skin Lesion Analysis on German Dermatologist Decisions to Biopsy Atypical Pigmented Lesions with Clinical Characteristics of Melanoma
Winkelmann, Richard R; Hauschild, Axel; Tucker, Natalie; White, Richard; Rigel, Darrell S
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Comparison of the Distribution of Morphological Disorganization of Pigmented Lesions in a Community-based Practice versus a University-based Clinical Setting as Measured by a Multispectral Digital Skin Lesion Analysis Device: Impact on Diagnosis
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Assessing frequency and quality of US dermatologist sunscreen recommendations to their patients
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