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Shari D Reitzen, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor;
Department of Otolaryngology (Otolaryngology)

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73 Spring Street, Suite 601
New York, NY 10012

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Nasal septal deviation in the pediatric and adult populations
Reitzen, Shari D; Chung, Wayne; Shah, Anil R
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Bilateral auricular seromas: A case report and review of the literature
Reitzen, Shari D; Rothstein, Stephen; Shah, Anil R
2011 Dec;90(12):E12-E14, Ear, nose & throat journal
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Three-dimensional reconstruction based on computed tomography images of the frontal sinus drainage pathway
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Neural representation of hand kinematics during prehension in posterior parietal cortex of the macaque monkey
Chen, Jessie; Reitzen, Shari D; Kohlenstein, Jane B; Gardner, Esther P
2009 Dec;102(6):3310-3328, Journal of neurophysiology
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Nodular fasciitis: a case series
Reitzen, S D; Dogan, S; Har-El, G
2009 May;123(5):541-544, Journal of laryngology & otology
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Allergic fungal sinusitis with extensive bone erosion of the clivus presenting with diplopia
Reitzen, S D; Lebowitz, R A; Jacobs, J B
2009 Jul;123(7):817-819, Journal of laryngology & otology
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Significance and reliability of the House-Brackmann grading system for regional facial nerve function
Reitzen, Shari D; Babb, James S; Lalwani, Anil K
2009 Feb;140(2):154-158, Otolaryngology, head & neck surgery
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Reconstruction of congenital microtia-atresia: outcomes with the Medpor/bone-anchored hearing aid-approach
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Characteristics and outcomes of malpractice claims after tonsillectomy
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Aesthetic microtia reconstruction with Medpor
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Neurophysiology of prehension. I. Posterior parietal cortex and object-oriented hand behaviors
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