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Eric Rackow

Professor (Health Care Management), Department of Medicine

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1970-1972 — Medicine, Kings County Hospital Center, Residency Training
1972-1973 — Chief Residency, Medicine, Kings County Hospital Center, Residency Training

Research Interests

Sepsis Immunology; Septic Shock; Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Lipopolysaccharide- and superantigen-modulated superoxide production and monocyte hyporesponsiveness to activating stimuli in sepsis
Saha, Dhanonjoy C; Astiz, Mark E; Eales-Reynolds, Lesley-Jane; Rackow, Eric C
2014-05-03; 1073-2322,Shock - id: 945772, year: 2012 Journal Article

Rehospitalizations among patients in the Medicare fee-for-service program
Rackow, Eric C
2014-05-03; 0028-4793,New England journal of medicine - id: 945762, year: 2009 Comment; Letter

Comparison of cardiovascular effects of tiletamine-zolazepam, pentobarbital, and ketamine-xylazine in male rats
Saha, Dhanonjoy C; Saha, Animita C; Malik, Gautam; Astiz, Mark E; Rackow, Eric C
2012-02-05; 1559-6109,Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science : JAALAS - id: 109582, year: 2007 Journal Article

Mechanisms of platelet-neutrophil interactions and effects on cell filtration in septic shock
Kirschenbaum, Linda A; Adler, Daryl; Astiz, Mark E; Barua, Rajat S; Saha, Dhanonjoy; Rackow, Eric C
2012-02-05; 1073-2322,Shock - id: 36091, year: 2002 In Vitro; Journal Article

Sublingual capnometry and indexes of tissue perfusion in patients with circulatory failure
Rackow EC; O'Neil P; Astiz ME; Carpati CM
2012-02-05; 0012-3692,Chest - id: 36092, year: 2001 Journal Article