John J Qualter

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John J Qualter

Research Assistant Professor of Educational Informatics;
Department of Administration

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Floor 6 Room 6P-A
Greenberg Hall
New York, NY 10016

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Research Interests

visualization, simulation, informatics

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Step-based cognitive virtual surgery simulation: an innovative approach to surgical education
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The BioDigital Human: A Web-based 3D Platform for Medical Visualization and Education
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Visualizing treatment options for breast reconstructive surgery
Qualter, John; Fana, Melissa; Deluccia, Nicolette; Colen, Kari; Scharf, Carrie; Hazen, Alexes
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Innervation of a intraorgan hepatic progenitor cell "niche" in normal human liver
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The virtual surgery patient: Development of a digital, three-dimensional model of human anatomy designed for surgical education
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