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Parag Patel

Clinical Instructor, Department of Medicine

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Endothelial dependent vasodilatation across glucose tolerance categories in obese adolescents
Brar, P C; Patel, P R; Katz, S D
2013-12-20; 1663-2818,Hormone research in paediatrics - id: 688302, year: 2013

Assessing Coronary Disease in Symptomatic Women by the Morise Score
Hong, SN; Mieres, JH; Jacobs, JE; Babb, JS; Patel, P; Srichai, MB
2012-05-24; 1540-9996,Journal of women's health (Larchmont, N.Y. : 2002) - id: 167145, year: 2012 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Vitamin D intoxication in a toddler due to a dispensing error of an imported vitamin D supplement
Rusyn, L; Patel, P R; David, R; Kohn, B; Brar, P C
2012-08-27; 0163-769X,Endocrine reviews - id: 175829, year: 2012

Using proportional hazard models to predict price changes of oncology drugs in the United States
Wang, B C M; Tsang, K P; Patel, P
2012-11-27; 1098-3015,Value in health - id: 183462, year: 2012

Early presentation of bilateral gonadoblastoma in Denys-Drash syndrome: A cautionary tale for prophylactic gonadectomy
Patel, P R; Pappas, J; Franklin, B H; Arva, N; Brar, P C
2012-03-10; 0163-769X,Endocrine reviews - id: 159286, year: 2011