Bhavana Pothuri

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Bhavana Pothuri, M.D., M.S.

Associate Professor;
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Obs/Gyn)
NYU Women's Cancer Program

Clinical Addresses

240 East 38th Street
19th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Hours: Wed. 9 - 5
Handicap Access: yes
Phone: 212-731-6455
Fax: 212-731-5600

Additional Clinical Addresses

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Medical Specialties

Cancer, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Gynecology

Medical Expertise

Uterine Cancer, Gynecologic Surgery, Gynecologic Cancers, Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Vaginal Cancer, Gynecologic Robotic Surgery, Endometrial Ablation, Gynecologic Oncology, Robotic Surgery

Clinical Responsibilities

I am a board-certified gynecologic oncologist specializing in the care, diagnosis and treatment of women with all forms of gynecologic cancers. I currently see patients and am accepting new patients through my office listed above. Providing comprehensive care and early detection/prevention of gynecologic cancers, including: ovarian, uterine, cervical, endometrial, vulvar, and vaginal. Specializing in patients with a high risk for breast and ovarian cancers, minimally invasive surgery for gynecologic malignancies including robotic surgery, and preserving fertility of patients with gynecologic cancers. Other interests: clinical trials, molar pregnancy, uterine sarcoma, gestational trophoblastic disease. NEW PATIENTS should contact the NEW PATIENT REFERRAL LINE at 212-731-6066



Insurance Disclaimer: Insurance listed above may not be accepted at all office locations. Please confirm prior to each visit. The information presented here may not be complete or may have changed.

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Board Certification

2004 — Ab Obstetrics & Gynecology - Obstetrics & Gynecology
2006 — Ab Obstetrics & Gynecology (Gynecologic Oncology)


1995 — Jefferson Medical College, Medical Education
1995-1999 — Lankenau Hospital (OB-GYN), Residency Training
1999-2003 — Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (Gynecology Oncology), Clinical Fellowships

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Reoperation for palliation of recurrent malignant bowel obstruction in ovarian carcinoma
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