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Michael Poon

Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine

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Assessment of isotropic calcium using 0.5-mm reconstructions from 320-row CT data sets identifies more patients with non-zero Agatston score and more subclinical atherosclerosis than standard 3.0-mm coronary artery calcium scan and CT angiography
Aslam, Anum; Khokhar, Usman S; Chaudhry, Ammar; Abramowicz, Alexander; Rajper, Naveed; Cortegiano, Michael; Poon, Michael; Voros, Szilard
2014-04-29; 1876-861x,Journal of cardiovascular computed tomography - id: 924252, year: 2014 Journal Article

Computer-aided analysis of 64-slice coronary computed tomography angiography: a comparison with manual interpretation
J Abramowicz, Alexander; A Daubert, Melissa; Malhotra, Vinay; Ferraro, Summer; Ring, Joshua; Goldenberg, Roman; Kam, Michael; Wu, Henley; Kam, Donna; Minton, Aimee; Poon, Michael
2014-04-29; 1826-1868,Heart international - id: 924192, year: 2013 Journal Article

Associations between routine coronary computed tomographic angiography and reduced unnecessary hospital admissions, length of stay, recidivism rates, and invasive coronary angiography in the emergency department triage of chest pain
Poon, Michael; Cortegiano, Michael; Abramowicz, Alexander J; Hines, Margaret; Singer, Adam J; Henry, Mark C; Viccellio, Peter; Hellinger, Jeffrey C; Ferraro, Summer; Poon, Annie; Raff, Gilbert L; Voros, Szilard; Farkouh, Michael E; Noack, Pamela
2014-04-25; 0735-1097,Journal of the American College of Cardiology - id: 905652, year: 2013 Comparative Study; Journal Article

Coronary CT angiography reduces unnecessary admissions and allows safe discharge of emergency department patients with low-to-intermediate risk chest pain
Singer, Adam J; Poon, Michael
2014-04-29; 1356-5524,Evidence based medicine - id: 924072, year: 2013 Comment; Journal Article

Utilization of coronary computed tomography angiography for exclusion of coronary artery disease in ED patients with low- to intermediate-risk chest pain: a 1-year experience
Singer, Adam J; Domingo, Anna; Thode, Henry C Jr; Daubert, Melissa; Vainrib, Alan F; Ferraro, Summer; Minton, Amee; Poon, Annie; Henry, Mark C; Poon, Michael
2014-04-29; 0735-6757,American journal of emergency medicine - id: 924052, year: 2012 Journal Article