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MaryAnn Perle

Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
NYU Pathology Associates

Contact Info

462 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016



— Dr. Perle was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Medical Genetics at Harvard Medical School/Children's Hospital, PostDoctoral Training
1979 — SUNY at Albany, Graduate Education

Research Interests

Genetics of solid tumors
Clinical applications of molecular cytogenetics (FISH)
First trimester fetal loss

Clear cell sarcoma of the penis: a case report
Ito, Timothy; Melamed, Jonathan; Perle, Mary Ann; Alukal, Joseph
2015-06-15; 2330-1910,American journal of clinical & experimental urology - id: 1626702, year: 2015 Journal Article

Development of five new melanoma low passage cell lines representing the clinical and genetic profile of their tumors of origin
de Miera, Eleazar Vega-Saenz; Friedman, Erica B; Greenwald, Holly S; Perle, Mary A; Osman, Iman
2012-04-23; 1755-1471,Pigment cell & melanoma research - id: 164344, year: 2012 Letter

Primary pericardial synovial sarcoma: A rare case report with FISH analysis and review of literature
Ren, Q; Saba, S G; Heo, S; Rosenzweig, B P; Srichai, M B; Perle, M A
2012-10-16; 0002-9173,American journal of clinical pathology - id: 179309, year: 2012

Trisomy 8 in myeloid leukemia cutis confirmed by fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis
Shvartsbeyn, Marianna; Meehan, Shane M; Gu, Ping; Nierodzik, Mary Lynn; Perle, Mary Ann
2012-10-22; 0303-6987,Journal of cutaneous pathology - id: 180076, year: 2012 Journal Article

Characteristics of chromosomal abnormalities diagnosed after spontaneous abortions in an infertile population
Werner, Marie; Reh, Andrea; Grifo, Jamie; Perle, Mary Ann
2012-09-04; 1058-0468,Journal of assisted reproduction & genetics - id: 177018, year: 2012 Journal Article