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Role of HER2 status in the treatment for brain metastases arising from breast cancer with stereotactic radiosurgery
Tam, Moses; Narayana, Ashwatha; Raza, Shahzad; Kunnakkat, Saroj; Golfinos, John G; Parker, Erik C; Novik, Yelena
2014-01-27; 1357-0560,Medical oncology - id: 761132, year: 2014 Journal Article

Involved field radiation therapy after surgical resection of solitary brain metastases--mature results
Connolly, Eileen P; Mathew, Maya; Tam, Moses; King, Josephine Vera; Kunnakkat, Saroj D; Parker, Erik C; Golfinos, John G; Gruber, Michael L; Narayana, Ashwatha
2013-05-06; 1522-8517,Neuro-oncology - id: 315912, year: 2013 Journal Article

Ipilimumab in melanoma with limited brain metastases treated with stereotactic radiosurgery
Mathew, Maya; Tam, Moses; Ott, Patrick A; Pavlick, Anna C; Rush, Stephen C; Donahue, Bernadine R; Golfinos, John G; Parker, Erik C; Huang, Paul P; Narayana, Ashwatha
2013-05-06; 0960-8931,Melanoma research - id: 315922, year: 2013 Journal Article

A phase II trial of lithium, bevacizumab, temozolomide, and radiation for newly diagnosed glioblastomas (GBM)
Narayana, A; Tam, M M; Gruber, D B; Golfinos, J; Parker, E; Zagzag, D; Gruber, M L
2013-07-25; 0732-183x,Journal of clinical oncology - id: 451832, year: 2013

Vemurafenib and radiation therapy in melanoma brain metastases
Narayana, Ashwatha; Mathew, Maya; Tam, Moses; Kannan, Rajni; Madden, Kathleen M; Golfinos, John G; Parker, Erik C; Ott, Patrick A; Pavlick, Anna C
2013-06-04; 0167-594x,Journal of neuro-oncology - id: 363722, year: 2013 JOURNAL ARTICLE