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Bryan O'Young

Clinical Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Rehabilitation Medicine

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Newly discovered quick, non-invasive screening method of bone marrow malignancies including various leukemias, Hodgkin's lymphoma, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, & multiple myeloma by abnormality of small rectangular area within bone marrow organ representation areas of the face
Omura, Yoshiaki; O'Young, Brian; Jones, Marilyn; Nihrane, Abdalla; Duvvi, Harsha; Paluch, Kamila; Shimotsuura, Yasuhiro; Ohki, Motomu
2012-08-27; 0360-1293,Acupuncture & electro-therapeutics research - id: 175816, year: 2012 Journal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't

Gait improvement after treadmill training in ischemic stroke survivors: A critical review of functional MRI studies
Xiao, Xiang; Huang, Dongfeng; O'Young, Bryan
2014-10-27; 1673-5374,Neural regeneration research - id: 1315502, year: 2012 Journal Article

Organ transplantation and rehabilitation
Cohen, Jeffrey M; Young, Mark; O'Young, Bryan
2012-02-05; , - id: 5792, year: 2011

New Clinical Findings on the Longevity Gene in Disease, Health, & Longevity: Sirtuin 1 Often Decreases with Advanced Age & Serious Diseases in Most Parts of the Human Body, While Relatively High & Constant Sirtuin 1 Regardless of Age was First Found in the Hippocampus of Supercentenarians
Omura, Yoshiaki; Lu, Dominic P.; Jones, Marilyn; O'Young, Brian; Duvvi, Harsha; Paluch, Kamila; Shimotsuura, Yasuhiro; Ohki, Motomu
2012-03-15; 0360-1293,Acupuncture & electro-therapeutics research - id: 160226, year: 2011

Caprylic acid in the effective treatment of intractable medical problems of frequent urination, incontinence, chronic upper respiratory infection, root canalled tooth infection, ALS, etc., caused by asbestos & mixed infections of Candida albicans, Helicobacter pylori & cytomegalovirus with or without other microorganisms & mercury
Omura, Yoshiaki; O'Young, Brian; Jones, Marilyn; Pallos, Andrew; Duvvi, Harsha; Shimotsuura, Yasuhiro
2012-02-05; 0360-1293,Acupuncture & electro-therapeutics research - id: 138097, year: 2011