Seth J. Orlow

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Seth Orlow

Samuel Weinberg Professor of Pediatric Dermatology, Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology;Professor, Department of Cell Biology;Professor, Department of Pediatrics
NYU Dermatologic Associates

Contact Info

240 East 38th Street
New York, NY 10016


Research Summary

1. Development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of a number of cancers including melanoma and multiple myeloma, as well as unraveling pathways underlying chemoresistance in these tumors. To do so, we utilize small molecule screening of already-approved drugs ("drug repositioning") and of natural products combined with molecular and cellular techniques. 2. Understanding the cell biology of melanin synthesis and deposition in the skin, hair and eyes, including the processing and trafficking of tyrosinase, the rate-limiting enzyme in melanin production, as well as the pathogenesis of various forms of oculocutaneous albinism that diminish pigmentation. 3. Elucidating the pathogenesis of vitiligo, in which melanocytes in the skin are destroyed, including the role of endoplasmic reticulum stress and the unfolded protein response.

Research Interests

Development of Novel Targeted Therapeies in Melanoma and other Cancers; Molecular and Cellular Basis of Pigmentation

Culinary Metaphors in Dermatology: Eating Our Words
Milam, Emily C; Mu, Euphemia W; Orlow, Seth J
2015-03-01; 2168-6084,JAMA Dermatol - id: 1473842, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Dermatologists' Attitudes, Prescription, and Counseling Patterns for Isotretinoin: A Questionnaire-based Study
Nagler, Arielle R; Orlow, Seth J
2015-02-22; 1545-9616,Journal of drugs in dermatology : JDD - id: 1466112, year: 2015 Journal Article

Activation of melanocyte antioxidant response pathways following exposure to vitiligo-inducing phenols: Implications for vitiligo pathogenesis
Arowojolu, O A; Orlow, S J; Manga, P
2014-12-04; 1755-1471,Pigment cell & melanoma research - id: 1362922, year: 2014

Identification of agents that promote endoplasmic reticulum stress using an assay that monitors luciferase secretion
Doudican, Nicole A; Wen, Shih Ya; Mazumder, Amitabha; Orlow, Seth J
2014-03-17; 1087-0571,Journal of biomolecular screening - id: 836082, year: 2014 Journal Article

Cole disease results from mutations in ENPP1
Eytan, O.; Monce-Picard, F.; Sarig, O.; Nousbeck, J.; Ezzedine, K.; Isakov, O.; Li, Q.; Ishida-Yamamoto, A.; Shomron, N.; Goldsmith, T.; Adir, N.; Uitto, J.; Orlow, S. J.; Taieb, A.; Sprecher, E.
2014-05-19; 0022-202x,Journal of investigative dermatology - id: 997152, year: 2014