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Platelet aggregation and coagulation factors in orthopedic surgery
Oberweis, Brandon S; Cuff, Germaine; Rosenberg, Andrew; Pardo, Luis; Nardi, Michael A; Guo, Yu; Dweck, Ezra; Marshall, Mitchell; Steiger, David; Stuchin, Steven; Berger, Jeffrey S
2014-06-01; 0929-5305,Journal of thrombosis & thrombolysis - id: 1018852, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Changes in hemostasis during the perioperative period of orthopedic surgery
Oberweis, B.; Nardi, M. A.; Cuff, G.; Rosenberg, A.; Pardo, L.; Guo, Y.; Marshall, M.; Steiger, D.; Stuchin, S.; Berger, J. S.
2014-04-10; 1538-7933,Journal of thrombosis & haemostasis : JTH - id: 875242, year: 2013

Minimal change disease and IgA deposition: separate entities or common pathophysiology?
Oberweis, Brandon S; Mattoo, Aditya; Wu, Ming; Goldfarb, David S
2014-02-24; 2090-665x,Case reports in nephrology - id: 811172, year: 2013 Journal Article

In reply to the letter to the editor by Paul et al
Oberweis, Brandon S; Berger, Jeffrey S
2013-06-03; 0002-8703,American heart journal - id: 361822, year: 2013 Letter

Thrombotic and bleeding complications after orthopedic surgery
Oberweis, Brandon S; Nukala, Swetha; Rosenberg, Andrew; Guo, Yu; Stuchin, Steven; Radford, Martha J; Berger, Jeffrey S
2013-03-11; 0002-8703,American heart journal - id: 231332, year: 2013 Journal Article