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Richard H. Nachtigall, M.D.

Clinical Professor;
Department of Medicine (GIM Div)

Clinical Addresses

251 East 33rd Street
New York, NY 10016
Hours: Mon. 10 - 5; Tue. 10 - 5; Wed. 10 - 5; Thu. 10 - 5; Fri. 9 - 1
Phone: 212-355-7667

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Medical Specialties

Internal Medicine

Medical Expertise

Weight Management, General Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine, Preventive Medicine

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Board Certification

1987 — Ab Internal Medicine - Internal Medicine


1957 — New York Medical College, Medical Education
1958-1959 — Beth Israel Medical Center (Internal Medicine), Residency Training
1959-1961 — NYU Medical Center (Internal Medicine), Residency Training

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