Michael R Traister

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Michael Traister

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics

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Cutaneous anthrax associated with microangiopathic hemolytic anemia and coagulopathy in a 7-month-old infant
Freedman, Abigail; Afonja, Olubunmi; Chang, Mary Wu; Mostashari, Farzad; Blaser, Martin; Perez-Perez, Guillermo; Lazarus, Herb; Schacht, Robert; Guttenberg, Jane; Traister, Michael; Borkowsky, William
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Health status of US adopted Chinese orphans
Johnson, DE; Traister, M; Iverson, S; Dole, K; Hostetter, MK; Miller, LC
2012-02-05; 0031-3998,Pediatric research - id: 52990, year: 1996

Implementing the medical waste air toxics regulations in New York State: a case study
Traister, M
2014-04-20; 1065-1063,Regulatory analyst. Medical waste - id: 881552, year: 1993 Journal Article

Flomenbaum, Neal.; Goldfrank, Lewis R.; Traister, Michael
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