Maureen O. Moomjy

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Maureen Moomjy

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Shared oocyte donation: society's benefits
Moomjy M; Mangieri R; Beltramone F; Cholst I; Veeck L; Rosenwaks Z
2012-02-05; 0015-0282,Fertility & sterility - id: 25520, year: 2000 Journal Article

Human zona pellucida micromanipulation and monozygotic twinning frequency after IVF
Sills ES; Moomjy M; Zaninovic N; Veeck LL; McGee M; Palermo GD; Rosenwaks Z
2012-02-05; 0268-1161,Human reproduction - id: 25521, year: 2000 Journal Article

Ovarian hyperstimulation and oophorectomy following accidental daily clomiphene citrate use over three consecutive months
Sills ES; Poynor EA; Moomjy M
2012-02-05; 0890-6238,Reproductive toxicology - id: 25519, year: 2000 Case Reports; Journal Article

The role of structural integrity of the fertilising spermatozoon in early human embryogenesis
Colombero LT; Moomjy M; Sills ES; Rosenwaks Z; Palermo GD
2012-02-05; 0967-1994,Zygote - id: 25524, year: 1999 Journal Article

Oocyte donation: insights into implantation
Moomjy M; Cholst I; Mangieri R; Rosenwaks Z
2012-02-05; 0015-0282,Fertility & sterility - id: 25525, year: 1999 Clinical Trial; Journal Article