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William Martin

Clinical Instructor, Department of Medicine

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Gut microbial response to anti-TNF therapy in IBD: An IBDREMEDY Study. (IBD research Mentoring education ny)
Ann, C L; Zoya, G; Martin, W; Lisa, M; Melissa, R; Arun, S; David, H; Dana, L; Garrett, L
2015-03-31; 1078-0998,Inflammatory bowel diseases - id: 1514682, year: 2014

The evolution of eukaryotes
Martin, William; Dagan, Tal; Koonin, Eugene V; Dipippo, Jonathan L; Gogarten, J Peter; Lake, James A
2013-04-13; 0036-8075,Science - id: 282042, year: 2007 Comment; Letter