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Gary Marshall

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery

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Bicycle helmets are highly protective against traumatic brain injury within a dense urban setting
Sethi, Monica; Heidenberg, Jessica; Wall, Stephen P; Ayoung-Chee, Patricia; Slaughter, Dekeya; Levine, Deborah A; Jacko, Sally; Wilson, Chad; Marshall, Gary; Pachter, H Leon; Frangos, Spiros G
2015-08-17; 1879-0267,Injury - id: 1721522, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Injury prevention initiatives for urban bicyclists deserve a targeted approach
Sethi, Monica; Ayoung-Chee, Patricia; Wall, Stephen P; Simon, Ronald J; Todd, SR; Marshall, Gary; Wilson, Chad; Slaughter, Dekeya R; Jacko, Sally A; Frangos, Spiros G
2015-10-01; 1879-1190,Journal of the American College of Surgeons - id: 1788802, year: 2014

A community traffic safety analysis of pedestrian and bicyclist injuries based on the catchment area of a trauma center
Slaughter, Dekeya R; Williams, Nick; Wall, Stephen P; Glass, Nina E; Simon, Ronald; Todd, S Rob; Bholat, Omar S; Jacko, Sally; Roe, Matthew; Wilson, Chad T; Levine, Deborah A; Marshall, Gary; Ayoung-Chee, Patricia; Pachter, H Leon; Frangos, Spiros G
2014-04-22; 2163-0755,Journal of trauma & acute care surgery - id: 884192, year: 2014 Journal Article

Evaluation and management of geriatric trauma: an Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma practice management guideline
Calland, James Forrest; Ingraham, Angela M; Martin, Niels; Marshall, Gary T; Schulman, Carl I; Stapleton, Tristan; Barraco, Robert D
2013-07-09; 2163-0763,Journal of trauma & acute care surgery - id: 415602, year: 2012 Journal Article; Practice Guideline

Defining geriatric trauma: when does age make a difference?
Goodmanson, Nicholas W; Rosengart, Matthew R; Barnato, Amber E; Sperry, Jason L; Peitzman, Andrew B; Marshall, Gary T
2013-07-09; 0039-6060,Surgery - id: 415612, year: 2012 Journal Article