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Michael Marmor, Ph.D.

Departments of Population Health (Epidemiology), Environmental Medicine and Medicine (Pulmy&CCM Div)

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650 First Avenue
Floor 5th floor Room Room 560
650 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016


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1966-1972 — SUNY at Stony Brook, Graduate Education
1975-1978 — Dr. Marmor completed a three-year National Research Service Award Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship in epidemiology and biostatistics at NYU Medical Center, PostDoctoral Training

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Re: Letter to the editor on "Bias in clinical intervention research"
Marmor, Michael; Belitskaya-Levy, Ilana; Arslan, Alan A
2008 Feb 15;167(4):500-1; author reply 501, American journal of epidemiology
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Comparative evaluation of refractive surgery candidates with Placido topography, Orbscan II, Pentacam, and wavefront analysis
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Asthma is inversely associated with Helicobacter pylori status in an urban population
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Resistance to HIV infection
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Slippery road conditions and fatal motor vehicle crashes in the northeastern United States, 1998-2002
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Distribution of CCR2-64I and SDF1-3'A alleles and HIV status in 7 ethnic populations of Cameroon
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Recruitment and Baseline Epidemiologic Profile of Participants in the First Phase 3 HIV Vaccine Efficacy Trial
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Coronary artery disease and opioid use
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Douching practices among women at high risk of HIV infection in the United States: implications for microbicide testing and use
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Assessment of optic disc anatomy and nerve fiber layer thickness in ocular hypertensive subjects with normal short-wavelength automated perimetry
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HIV infection in rural villages of Cameroon
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Homozygous and heterozygous CCR5-Delta32 genotypes are associated with resistance to HIV infection
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Slow diffusion of home HIV-specimen collection: provider concerns at odds with client preferences
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The contribution of recently acquired Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection to the New York City tuberculosis epidemic, 1989-1993 [In Process Citation]
Davidow AL; Alcabes P; Marmor M
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HIV incidence among injection drug users in New York City, 1992-1997: evidence for a declining epidemic
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Anal sex among HIV-seronegative women at high risk of HIV exposure. The HIVNET Vaccine Preparedness Study 2 Protocol Team
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CD4+ T Cell Surface CCR5 Density and Virus Load in Persons Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1
Marmor M; Krowka J; Goldberg JD
2000 Oct;182(4):1284-1286, Journal of infectious diseases
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Drug injection rates and needle-exchange use in New York City, 1991-1996 [In Process Citation]
Marmor M; Shore RE; Titus S; Chen X; Des Jarlais DC
2000 Sep;77(3):359-368, Journal of urban health
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Modulators of activated motivation event-specific condom use by drug injectors who have used condoms to prevent HIV/AIDS
Friedman SR; Chapman TF; Perlis TE; Sotheran JL; Rockwell R; Paone D; Marmor M; Des Jarlais DC
1999 ;3(2):85-98, AIDS & behavior
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Non-injection substance use correlates with risky sex among men having sex with men: data from HIVNET
Woody GE; Donnell D; Seage GR; Metzger D; Marmor M; Koblin BA; Buchbinder S; Gross M; Stone B; Judson FN
1999 Feb 1;53(3):197-205, Drug & alcohol dependence
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Declining seroprevalence in a very large HIV epidemic: injecting drug users in New York City, 1991 to 1996
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HIV vaccine trials
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"Why I am not infected with HIV": implications for long-term HIV risk reduction and HIV vaccine trials
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Low serum thiol levels predict shorter times-to-death among HIV-infected injecting drug users
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Weight loss associated with HIV seroconversion among injection-drug users
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Determination of the true prevalence of infection with the human T-cell lymphotropic viruses (HTLV-I/II) may require a combination of biomolecular and serological analyses
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Determination of the true prevalence of infection with the human T cell lymphotropic viruses (HTLV-I/II) may reouire a combination of biomolecular and serologic analyses
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Methadone maintenance and other factors associated with intraindividual temporal trends in injection-drug use
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Risk factors for choroidal neovascularization in young patients: a case-control study
Derosa, J T; Yannuzzi, L A; Marmor, M; Fotino, M; Sorenson, J A; Spaide, R F
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Evidence for an effect of human leukocyte antigens on susceptibility to Kaposi's sarcoma related to charge and peptide-binding properties of class I molecules
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1995 Oct;9(10):1194-1195, AIDS
— id: 9091, year: 1995, vol: 9, page: 1194, stat: Journal Article,

Community based heroin addicts who turn to experimental treatment rather than conventional care
Michaels J; Galanter M; Resnick R; Marmor M; Lifshutz H; Perrone R
1995 ;14(2):33-42, Journal of addictive diseases
— id: 6936, year: 1995, vol: 14, page: 33, stat: Journal Article,

Progress in identifying clinical relevance of inhibition, stimulation and measurements of poly ADP-ribosylation
Pero RW; Olsson A; Sheng Y; Hua J; Moller C; Kjellen E; Killander D; Marmor M
1995 ;77(5):385-393, Biochimie
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Tuberculosis knowledge among New York City injection drug users
Wolfe H; Marmor M; Maslansky R; Nichols S; Simberkoff M; Des Jarlais D; Moss A
1995 Jul;85(7):985-988, American journal of public health. AJPH
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Continuity and change within an HIV epidemic. Injecting drug users in New York City, 1984 through 1992 [see comments]
Des Jarlais DC; Friedman SR; Sotheran JL; Wenston J; Marmor M; Yancovitz SR; Frank B; Beatrice S; Mildvan D
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Estimation of time since infection using longitudinal disease-marker data
Dubin N; Berman S; Marmor M; Tindall B; Des Jarlais D; Kim M
1994 Feb 15;13(3):231-244, Statistics in medicine
— id: 6360, year: 1994, vol: 13, page: 231, stat: Journal Article,

Reversal learning tasks may provide rapid determination of cognitive deficits in lead-exposed children
Evans HL; Daniel SA; Marmor M
1994 Sep-Oct;16(5):471-477, Neurotoxicology & teratology
— id: 6611, year: 1994, vol: 16, page: 471, stat: Journal Article,

Increased expression of transforming growth factor beta isoforms and basic fibroblast growth factor in complex hyperplasia and adenocarcinoma of the endometrium: evidence for paracrine and autocrine action
Gold LI; Saxena B; Mittal KR; Marmor M; Goswami S; Nachtigall L; Korc M; Demopoulos RI
1994 May 1;54(9):2347-2358, Cancer research
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Preparations for AIDS vaccine trials. Retention, behavior change, and HIV-seroconversion among injecting drug users (IDUs) and sexual partners of IDUs
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Implications of the revised surveillance definition: AIDS among New York City drug users [see comments]
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HLA-B35 is associated with accelerated progression to AIDS
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