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Lisa Malter

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

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462 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016


Isolation and cytokine analysis of lamina propria lymphocytes from mucosal biopsies of the human colon
Bowcutt, Rowann; Malter, Lisa B; Chen, Lea Ann; Wolff, Martin J; Robertson, Ian; Rifkin, Daniel B; Poles, Michael; Cho, Ilseug; Loke, P'ng
2015-07-28; 0022-1759,Journal of immunological methods - id: 1495252, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Disease monitoring in inflammatory bowel disease
Chang, Shannon; Malter, Lisa; Hudesman, David
2015-12-17; 2219-2840,World journal of gastroenterology : WJG - id: 1873112, year: 2015 Journal Article; Review

Assessing the Usefulness of a Digital Educational Resource for Managing Inflammatory Bowel Disease During Fellowship
Dikman, Andrew; Balzora, Sophie; Shroff, Hersh; Wolff, Martin; Malter, Lisa
2015-11-26; 1572-0241,American journal of gastroenterology - id: 1854372, year: 2015

Are Performance Measures for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Being Followed? A Large Urban Medical Center Experience
Dikman, Andrew; Barbash, Benjamin; Dasharathy, Sonya; Poles, Michael; Malter, Lisa
2015-11-26; 1572-0241,American journal of gastroenterology - id: 1854382, year: 2015

Adapting Lugasi's Core Conditions for Optimizing Transition of Pediatric to Adult Care in IBD
Kingsbery, Joseph; Wolff, Martin J; McGreal, Nancy; Malter, Lisa B
2015-07-08; 0277-4208,Practical gastroenterology - id: 1654202, year: 2015