Daniel M Lugassy

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Daniel Lugassy

Assistant Professor, Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine
Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine

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Comment: evaluation of adjunctive ketamine to benzodiazepines for management of alcohol withdrawal syndrome
Lucyk, Scott N; Wadowski, Benjamin; Qian, Edward; Lugassy, Daniel; Hoffman, Robert S
2015-03-19; 1060-0280,Annals of pharmacotherapy - id: 1497862, year: 2015 Letter

Hydroxocobalamin administration falsely lowers carboxyhemoglobin determination
Biary, Rana; Nelson, Lewis S; Hoffman, Robert S; Lugassy, Daniel
2014-06-20; 1556-9519,Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia) - id: 1037302, year: 2014

Effects of hydroxocobalamin on carboxyhemoglobin measured under physiologic and pathologic conditions
Pace, R; Bon Homme, M; Hoffman, R S; Lugassy, D
2014-08-28; 1556-3650,Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia) - id: 1153682, year: 2014 Journal Article

Smith, Silas W; Lugassy, Daniel M
2013-12-02; 0733-8627,Emergency medicine clinics of North America - id: 652552, year: 2014 Editorial

Response to Letter: Lithium poisoning: the value of early digestive tract decontamination
McCarty, Matthew; Biary, Rana; Lugassy, Daniel
2013-09-30; 1556-3650,Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia) - id: 542662, year: 2013 Journal Article