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Hailing Liu, M.D.

Research Assistant Professor;
Department of Medicine (Clin Pharm Div)

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Room 16B20
New Bellevue


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Adenosine A2A receptors promote collagen production by a Fli1- and CTGF-mediated mechanism
Chan, Edwin Sl; Liu, Hailing; Fernandez, Patricia; Luna, Alex; Perez-Aso, Miguel; Bujor, Andreea M; Trojanowska, Maria; Cronstein, Bruce N
2013 May;15(3):R58-R58 R58, Arthritis research & therapy
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Adenosine-mediated dermal fibrosis and Fli-1 expression in CD39 and CD73 knockout mice
Smith, Gideon; Franks, Andrew; Cronstein, Bruce; Chan, Edwin; Liu, Hailing; Fernandez, Patricia
2012 APR;66(4):AB2-AB2, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology
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Adenosine-Mediated Dermal Fibrosis and Fli-1 Expression in CD39 and CD73 Knockout Mice
Chan, Edwin S. L.; Smith, Gideon; Fernandez, Patricia; Liu, Hailing; Franks, Andrew G.; Trojanowska, Maria; Cronstein, Bruce N.
2011 OCT;63(10):S907-S907, Arthritis & rheumatism
— id: 165688, year: 2011, vol: 63, page: S907, stat: Journal Article,

CD39/CD73 double knockout mice are protected against bleomycin-induced dermal fibrosis
Chan, Edwin; Fernandez, Patricia; Liu, Hailing; Robson, Simon; Cronstein, Bruce
2010 JUN ;6(6000):133-133, Purinergic signalling
— id: 113751, year: 2010, vol: 6, page: 133, stat: Journal Article,

Adenosine A2A receptor occupancy promotes dermal fibrosis by modulating Fli1 and CTGF expression
Liu, Hailing; Chan, Edwin; Fernandez, Patricia; Karuvelil, Rina; Cronstein, Bruce
2010 JUN ;6(6000):142-142, Purinergic signalling
— id: 113752, year: 2010, vol: 6, page: 142, stat: Journal Article,

Adenosine A2A receptor occupancy promotes dermal fibrosis by modulating IL-13 and Fli1 expression
Liu, HL; Fernandez, P; Trojanowska, M; Cronstein, BN; Edwin, S; Chan, L
2009 MAY-JUN ;27(3):S76-S76, Clinical & experimental rheumatology
— id: 104880, year: 2009, vol: 27, page: S76, stat: Journal Article,

Physical and functional interactions between Drosophila TRAF2 and Pelle kinase contribute to Dorsal activation
Shen, B; Liu, H; Skolnik, E Y; Manley, J L
2001 Jul;98(15):8596-8601, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)
— id: 163352, year: 2001, vol: 98, page: 8596, stat: Journal Article,