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Sherry Li

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology

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1994-1998 — Baylor College of Medicine, Medical Education
1999-2002 — UCLA Medical Center, Residency Training

ART De-Intensification To ATVr Monotherapy in Adolescents Sustains CD4 and Activation Responses
Rudy, B J; Kapogiannis, B; Wilson, C; Agwu, A; Goodenow, M; Worell, C; Sleasman, J W; Li, S X; Bethel, J; Squires, K
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PAK1 Protein Expression in the Auditory Cortex of Schizophrenia Subjects
Deo, A J; Goldszer, I M; Li, S; DiBitetto, J V; Henteleff, R; Sampson, A; Lewis, D A; Penzes, P; Sweet, R A
2013-05-23; 1932-6203,PLoS one - id: 348922, year: 2013

Association of Fc gamma RIIC Polymorphism with Vaccine Efficacy and Correlates of HIV-1 Infection Risk in RV144
Li, S. S. ; Gilbert, P. B. ; Tomaras, G. D. ; Kijak, G. ; Ferrari, G. ; Thomas, R. ; Zolla-Pazner, S. ; Evans, D. T. ; Li, Y. ; Gottardo, R. ; Dai, J. Y. ; Janes, H. ; Morris, D. ; Fong, Y. ; Edlefsen, P. T. ; Li, F. ; Magaret, C. A. ; Frahm, N. ; Alpert, M. D. ; Rerks-Ngarm, S. ; Pitisuttithum, P. ; Kaewkungwal, J. ; Nitayaphan, S. ; Robb, M. L. ; O'Connell, R. J. ; Michael, N. L. ; Kim, J. H. ; McElrath, M. J. ; Geraghty, D. E.
2013-12-04; 0889-2229,AIDS research & human retroviruses - id: 656952, year: 2013

Malignancy rates in the ustekinumab psoriasis clinical trial program: Update with up to 4 years of follow-up and comparisons to the general United States population
Papp, K A; Gordon, K B; Yeilding, N; Szapary, P O; Li, S; Krueger, G; Strober, B; Prinz, J C
2012-04-23; 1085-5629,Seminars in cutaneous medicine & surgery - id: 164448, year: 2012

Malignancy rates in Ustekinumab psoriasis clinical trials: Up to 4 years of follow-up and comparisons to the general US population
Papp, K. A.; Gordon, K. B.; Yeilding, N.; Szapary, P. O.; Li, S.; Krueger, G.; Strober, B.; Prinz, J. C.
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