Huilin Li

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Huilin Li

Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health;Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Medicine
Population Health

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650 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016


Research Interests

1. Secondary phenotype analysis in GWAS case-control study; 2. Empirical Bayes method in small area estimation and disease mapping; 3. Survival analysis for the secondary cancer; 4. General biostatistics method in Genetic and Cancer Epidemiology Survey Methodology

Institutional characteristics associated with receipt of emergency care for obstructive pyelonephritis at community hospitals
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Altering the Intestinal Microbiota during a Critical Developmental Window Has Lasting Metabolic Consequences
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2014-08-25; 0092-8674,Cell - id: 1132022, year: 2014 Journal Article

Patient ratings of case managers in a medical home: associations with patient satisfaction and health care utilization
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Are hospitals "keeping up with the Joneses"?: Assessing the spatial and temporal diffusion of the surgical robot
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2015-04-23; 2213-0764,Healthcare : the journal of delivery science & innovation - id: 1540432, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE