Deborah A Levine

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Deborah A Levine, M.D.

Clinical Associate Professor;
Departments of Emergency Medicine (Pediatric Div) and Pediatrics (Emergency Med Division)

Clinical Addresses

Department of Pediatrics
27th Street & 1st Ave, Ste 1S6
New York, NY 10016
Handicap Access: yes
Phone: 212-562-3025

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Medical Specialties


Medical Expertise

Pediatric Emergency Medicine


AARP, AETNA HMO, AETNA INDEMNITY, AETNA MEDICARE, AETNA POS, AETNA PPO, AETNA PPO/EPO, AFFINITY, AFFINITY EXCHANGE- ESSENTIAL, Aetna EPO, Affinity (Medicaid), Beech Street, CIGNA EPO/POS, Cigna EPO, Cigna HMO, Cigna Indemnity, Cigna POS, Cigna PPO, EBCBS CHLD HLTH, EBCBS EPO, EBCBS HLTHY NY, EBCBS HMO, EBCBS INDEMNITY, EBCBS MEDIBLUE, EBCBS PATHWAYS / PATHWAYS ENHANCED, EBCBS POS, EBCBS PPO, Empire BCBS Child Health Plus, Empire BCBS EPO, Empire BCBS HMO, Empire BCBS Healthy NY, Empire BCBS MediBlue (Medicare), Empire BCBS POS, Empire BCBS PPO, FIDELIS CHLD HLTH, FIDELIS EXCHANGE, FIDELIS FAM HLTH, FIDELIS MEDICARE, Fidelis (Medicaid), Fidelis (Medicare), Fidelis Child Health Plus, Fidelis Family Health Plus, Fidelis Medicaid, GHI CBP, Great West Insurance, Group Health Insurance (GHI), HEALTHNET HMO, HEALTHNET PPO, HIP ACCESS I, HIP ACCESS II HIP Child Health Plus, HIP EPO, HIP Family Health Plus, HIP HMO, HIP MEDICAID, HIP MEDICARE, HealthFirst (Medicaid), HealthNet POS, HealthPlus Medicaid, Local 1199, MAGNACARE PPO, MULTIPLAN/PHCS PPO, Magnacare HMO, Medicaid, Medicare, Metroplus Health Plan (Medicaid), Multiplan, NY MEDICAID, NYS EMPIRE PLAN, Neighborhood (Medicaid), No Fault, Oxford Freedom Plan, Oxford Liberty, Oxford Medicare, Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS), Tricare, UHC COMMUNITY & STATE PLAN, UHC Community, UHC EPO, UHC HMO, UHC MEDICARE, UHC POS, UHC PPO, UHC TOP TIER, UNITED EXCHANGE- COMPASS, UPN Elite (Island Group/Humana/etc), United Indemnity, Vytra, WELLCARE CHLD HLTH, WELLCARE FAM HLTH, WELLCARE MEDICAID, WELLCARE MEDICARE, Worker's Compensation

Insurance Disclaimer: Insurance listed above may not be accepted at all office locations. Please confirm prior to each visit. The information presented here may not be complete or may have changed.

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Board Certification

2013 — Ab Pediatrics (Pediatric Emergency Medicine)


1988-1992 — SUNY Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn - Downstate Medical, Medical Education
1992-1995 — New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center (Pediatrics), Residency Training
1995-1998 — NYU Medical Center (Pediatric Emergency Medicine), Clinical Fellowships

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Research Summary

Prospective cohort study of pedestrians and cyclists struck by motor vehicles

Research Interests

Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Serious Bacterial Infections in Young Febrile Infants, Injury Prevention, Pedestrian and cyclists struck by motor vehicles

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