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Veronica Lerner

Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Obstetrics and Gynecology

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462 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016


Research Interests

Current Research Projects: Miriam Cremer, MD, MPH, Mauricio Maza, Matthew Siedhoff, MD, Veronica Lerner MD, Kimberley Bullard, Elizabeth Conlisk, PhD and Juan Felix, MD. Evaluation of visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) adequacy with advancing age. Poster presented at American Public Health Association meeting, November 2009. Miriam Cremer, MD, MPH, Lydia Garcia, MD, Kimberley Bullard, Elizabeth Moore, Rachel Masch, MD, Elizabeth Conlisk, Veronica Lerner, MD, Juan Felix, MD. Adequacy of visual examination of the cervix following cryotherapy in a see-and-treat clinical trial. Presented at the 2009 International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) World Congress, South Africa, October 2009. Daniel Kiefer, MD, Miriam Cremer, MD, MPH, Kiranpreet Chawla, MD, Veronica Lerner, MD and Nazeeh Hanna, MD. New model leading to preterm delivery: the role of exposure to environmental toxins. Abstract submitted for Society of Gynecologic Investigation meeting in 2009. Daniel Kiefer, MD, Veronica Lerner, MD, Kiranpreet Chawla, MD, Miriam Cremer, MD, MPH, Jolene Muscat, MD and Nazeeh Hanna, MD. Does oxygen tension alter cytokine expression in human placental explants? Abstract submitted for Society of Gynecologic Investigation meeting in 2009. Miriam Cremer MD, MPH, Veronica Lerner MD. Visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) compared with Papanicolau testing for detection of high-grade cervical dysplasia in postmenopausal Salvadorian women. Study in progress. Miriam Cremer MD, MPH, Veronica Lerner MD. Immediate versus delayed insertion of the Copper-T IUD after termination of pregnancy over 12 weeks gestation. Study in progress. Miriam Cremer, MD, MPH, Yan Shi, MD, Paul Elgert, MD, Kiranpreet Chawla, MD. Miriam Cremer, Lauren Ditzian, Ayana April, Veronica Lerner, MD. Identifying adherence to Pap smear and colposcopy rates. Study in progress. Bruce Young, MD, Doris Tse, PhD, Veronica Lerner, MD. Collection of fetal blood via endoscopic cordocentesis to establish the ontogeny of fetal immunity in patients undergoing elective termination of pregnancy in the second trimester. Study in progress. Alison Webb, MD, Miriam Cremer, MD, MPH, Veronica Lerner, MD. Randomized clinical trial of lidocaine versus bupivacaine for paracervical block during laminaria placement in second trimester abortion. Study in progress.

Notes from the Field: Residents' Perceptions of Simulation-Based Skills Assessment in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Winkel, Abigail Ford; Niles, Paulomi; Lerner, Veronica; Zabar, Sondra; Szyld, Demian; Squires, Allison
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A Simple Framework for Assessing Technical Skills in a Resident Observed Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE): Vaginal Laceration Repair
Winkel, Abigail Ford; Lerner, Veronica; Zabar, Sondra R; Szyld, Demian
2013-02-05; 1878-7452,Journal of surgical education - id: 213762, year: 2013 Journal Article

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers enhance the production of proinflammatory cytokines by the placenta
Peltier, M R; Klimova, N G; Arita, Y; Gurzenda, E M; Murthy, A; Chawala, K; Lerner, V; Richardson, J; Hanna, N
2012-09-10; 0143-4004,Placenta - id: 177138, year: 2012 Journal Article

Immediate vs. delayed post-abortal copper T 380A IUD insertion in cases over 12 weeks of gestation
Cremer, Miriam; Bullard, Kimberley A; Mosley, Raegan McDonald; Weiselberg, Christine; Molaei, Michael; Lerner, Veronica; Alonzo, Todd A
2012-02-05; 1879-0518,Contraception - id: 133428, year: 2011

Can oxygen tension contribute to an abnormal placental cytokine milieu?
Peltier, Morgan R; Gurzenda, Ellen M; Murthy, Amitasrigowri; Chawala, Kiranpreet; Lerner, Veronica; Kharode, Ishita; Arita, Yuko; Rhodes, Adam; Maari, Nisreen; Moawad, Andrew; Hanna, Nazeeh
2012-02-05; 1600-0897,American journal of reproductive immunology (1989) - id: 137435, year: 2011