Ruth Lehmann

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Ruth Lehmann, Ph.D.

Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Professor of Cell Biology; Chair of the Department of Cell Biology
Departments of Skirball (Skirball), Cell Biology (Cell Biology) and Administration (Administration)

Contact Info

540 First Avenue
Floor 4 Room Lab 10
Skirball Institute
New York, NY 10016

212-263-5360, 212-263-8071

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— University of Tubingen, PostDoctoral Training
— Dr. Lehmann received her Ph.D. from the University of Tubingen, Germany, Graduate Education

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Research Summary

In most organisms, primordial germ cells (PGCs) are set-aside early during embryogenesis. Subsequently, PGCs migrate through the embryo, associate with somatic gonadal cells and form the gonad. While PGCs seem highly specialized, their products are the ultimate stem cells that generate a complete organism generation after generation. Our long-term goal is to functionally dissect the germ cell life cycle in Drosophila. Projects in the lab focus on three areas. 1) PGC specification. Early Drosophila germ cells form in a specialized germplasm and upon formation are transcriptionally silent. We are interested how RNAs localized to germ plasm are regulated and contribute to germ cell formation and fate, how gene expression is regulated during germ cell development and how the reproductive success of individual PGCs is determined. 2) PGC migration. Taking advantage of in vitro migration assays and live imaging, we study molecular and cellular aspects of germ cell migration to understand how the migratory program is established, how phospholipid signals contribute guidance cues to PGCs and how PGCs cease migration once they reach the somatic gonad. 3) Germ cell genome protection. Germ cells give rise to a new generation, thus integrity of the germ cell genome has to be protected while at the same time there has to be room for improvement via mutation and recombination. We study how host mechanisms evolved to protect the genome against transposable elements and how other intruders such as bacteria influence germ line function and reproductive success.

Research Interests

Germ cell development, Translational Regulation, RNA Localization and Transport, Germ Plasm Assembly, Cell Migration, Germ line stem cells, piRNAs, Transposable elements, Wolbachia

Research Keywords

germ cell migration, germ plasm assembly, gonad formation, translational regulation, RNA localization, polarity, pattern formation

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