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Spiny keratoderma
Nagler, Arielle; Boyd, Kevin P; Patel, Rishi R; Lee, Hyun-Soo
2014-01-02; 1087-2108,Dermatology online journal - id: 702842, year: 2013 Journal Article

Combination therapy with infliximab and methotrexate in recalcitrant mucocutaneous Behcet disease
Chan, Wai Ping; Lee, Hyun-Soo
2013-08-09; 0011-4162,Cutis - id: 473332, year: 2012 Case Reports; Journal Article

Spiny keratoderma in association with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease with liver cysts [see comments]
Anderson D; Cohen DE; Lee HS; Thellman C
2012-02-05; 0190-9622,Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology - id: 12619, year: 1996 Case Reports; Journal Article

A clinical and histologic evaluation of two medium-depth peels. Glycolic acid versus Jessner's trichloroacetic acid
Tse Y; Ostad A; Lee HS; Levine VJ; Koenig K; Kamino H; Ashinoff R
2012-02-05; 1076-0512,Dermatologic surgery - id: 12553, year: 1996 Comparative Study; Journal Article