Keith A Kuenzler

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Keith Kuenzler

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery

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540-562 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016


Managing radiation exposure in children-reexamining the role of ultrasound in the diagnosis of appendicitis
Thirumoorthi, Arul S; Fefferman, Nancy R; Ginsburg, Howard B; Kuenzler, Keith A; Tomita, Sandra S
2012-12-17; 0022-3468,Journal of pediatric surgery - id: 202372, year: 2012 Journal Article

Epidural Air in Child with Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum
Tomita, Sandra; Rivera, Rafael; Kuenzler, Keith; Ginsburg, Howard
2012-10-23; 0939-7248,European journal of pediatric surgery = Zeitschrift fur Kinderchirurgie - id: 180159, year: 2012 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Early recurrence of congenital diaphragmatic hernia is higher after thoracoscopic than open repair: a single institutional study
Gander, Jeffrey W; Fisher, Jason C; Gross, Erica R; Reichstein, Ari R; Cowles, Robert A; Aspelund, Gudrun; Stolar, Charles J H; Kuenzler, Keith A
2012-07-06; 0022-3468,Journal of pediatric surgery - id: 170817, year: 2011 Comparative Study; Journal Article

Thoracoscopic lobectomy in infants less than 10 kg with prenatally diagnosed cystic lung disease
Rothenberg, Steven S; Kuenzler, Keith A; Middlesworth, William; Kay, Saundra; Yoder, Suzanne; Shipman, Kristin; Rodriguez, Ruben; Stolar, Charles J
2014-04-25; 1092-6429,Journal of laparoendoscopic & advanced surgical techniques. Pt. A - id: 914632, year: 2011 Journal Article

Surgical correction of pectus excavatum
Kuenzler, Keith A; Stolar, Charles J H
2012-02-05; 1526-0550,Paediatric respiratory reviews - id: 105605, year: 2009 Journal Article; Review