Kenneth Robert Alper

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Kenneth Robert Alper, M.D.

Associate Professor;
Department of Psychiatry

Clinical Addresses

150 E. 58th Street
New York, NY 10155
Hours: Wed. 3 - 8:30; Thu. 3 - 8:30; Fri. 10 - 7
Phone: 212-966-3506
Fax: 212-409-8902

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Medical Specialties


Medical Expertise

Psychopharmacology, Affective & Anxiety Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Mood Disorders



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Board Certification

1989 — Ab Psychiatry & Neurology - Psychiatry


1984 — University of Texas, Medical Education
1984-1988 — NYU Medical Center (Psychiatry), Residency Training
1988-1990 — NYU Medical Center (Clin Neurophysiology), Clinical Fellowships

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Research Interests

Quantitative EEG Substance use disorders Neuropsychiatry of Epilepsy

Research Documents

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All data from NYU Health Sciences Library Faculty Bibliography — -


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