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Burton Korelitz

Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine

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Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and a history of cancer: The risk of cancer following exposure to immunosuppression
Axelrad, J; Bernheim, O; Colombel, J-F; Malerba, S; Ananthakrishnan, A; Yajnik, V; Hoffman, G; Agrawal, M; Lukin, D; Desai, A; Mceachern, E; Bosworth, B; Scherl, E; Reyes, A; Zaidi, H; Mudireddy, P; DiCaprio, D; Sultan, K; Korelitz, B; Wang, E; Williams, R; Chen, L; Katz, S; Itzkowitz, S
2015-07-28; 1876-4479,Journal of Crohn's & colitis - id: 1685682, year: 2015

Risk of New or Recurrent Cancer in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Previous Cancer Exposed to Immunosuppressive and Anti-TNF Agents
Axelrad, Jordan; Bernheim, Oren; Colombel, Jean-Frederic; Malerba, Stefano; Ananthakrishnan, Ashwin; Yajnik, Vijay; Hoffman, Gila; Agrawal, Manasi; Lukin, Dana; Desai, Amit; Mceachern, Elisa; Bosworth, Brian; Scherl, Ellen; Reyes, Andre; Zaidi, Hina; Mudireddy, Prashant; DiCaprio, David; Sultan, Keith; Korelitz, Burton; Wang, Erwin; Williams, Renee; Chen, LeaAnn; Katz, Seymour; Itzkowitz, Steven
2015-08-10; 1542-7714,Clinical gastroenterology & hepatology - id: 1709242, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Segmental Sigmoid Polyposis as a Colonoscopic indicator of an Ileo-sigmoid fistula in Crohn's Ileitis
Korelitz, Burton I; Taunk, Raja; Kesar, Vivek
2015-02-02; 1873-9946,Journal of Crohn's & colitis - id: 1447952, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

6-Mercaptopurine/Azathioprine remains an important contributor in managing Crohn's disease
Korelitz, Burton I; Present, Daniel H
2014-04-05; 1873-9946,Journal of Crohn's & colitis - id: 865672, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Histological healing favors lower risk of colon carcinoma in extensive ulcerative colitis
Korelitz, Burton I; Sultan, Keith; Kothari, Megha; Arapos, Leo; Schneider, Judy; Panagopoulos, Georgia
2014-05-08; 1007-9327,World journal of gastroenterology : WJG - id: 962602, year: 2014 Journal Article