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Lauren Knickerbocker

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

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1 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016


Multidisciplinary Child Protection Decision Making About Physical Abuse: Determining Substantiation Thresholds and Biases
Jent, Jason F; Eaton, Cyd K; Knickerbocker, Lauren; Lambert, Walter F; Merrick, Melissa T; Dandes, Susan K
2014-03-14; 0190-7409,Children & youth services review - id: 832262, year: 2011 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Evidence-based substantiation criteria: Improving the reliability of field decisions of child maltreatment and partner abuse
Heyman, Richard E; Collins, PS; Slep, Amy MS; Knickerbocker, Lauren
2015-02-02; 0893-4231,Protecting children - id: 1448862, year: 2010

Families, violence, and abuse
Owen, Daniela J; Knickerbocker, Lauren; Heyman, Richard E; Slep, Amy M S
2015-02-02; , - id: 1448852, year: 2009

Co-occurrence of child and partner maltreatment: Definitions, prevalence, theory, and implications for assessment
Knickerbocker, Lauren; Heyman, Richard E; Smith-Slep, Amy M; Jouriles, Ernest N; McDonald Renee
2015-02-02; 1016-9040,European psychologist - id: 1448832, year: 2007