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Sooah Kim, M.D.

Departments of Radiology (Abdominal Imaging) and House Staff (Radiology)

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Performance of multidetector CT in the evaluation of the endometrium: Measurement of endometrial thickness and detection of disease
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How "consistent" is "consistent"? A clinician-based assessment of the reliability of expressions used by radiologists to communicate diagnostic confidence
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New OPTN/UNOS Classification System for Nodules in Cirrhotic Livers Detected with MR Imaging: Effect on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Detection and Transplantation Allocation
Rosenkrantz, Andrew B; Campbell, Naomi; Wehrli, Natasha; Triolo, Michael J; Kim, Sooah
2014 Oct;:140069-140069, Radiology
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Effect of flip angle for optimization of image quality of gadoxetate disodium-enhanced biliary imaging at 1.5 T
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Comparison of Nonenhanced MR Angiographic Subtraction Techniques for Infragenual Arteries at 1.5 T: A Preliminary Study
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Serial diffusion-weighted MRI in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: Prediction and assessment of response to transarterial chemoembolization. Preliminary experience
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Prostate Cancer Localization Using Multiparametric MR Imaging: Comparison of Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System (PI-RADS) and Likert Scales
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Clinical outcomes of BRTO only versus BRTO and TIPS for the management of gastric variceal bleeding: A multi center USA study
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Balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteration (BRTO) utilizing 3% sodium tetradecyl sulfate (STS) (3%) foam for the management of gastric variceal bleeding: A multicenter USA study of 100 patients
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Contrast-enhanced MR enterography as a stand-alone tool to evaluate Crohn's disease in a paediatric population
Spieler, B; Hindman, N; Levy, J; Zabrieski, K; Sahlein, D; Seuss, C; Kim, S
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Histogram analysis of whole-lesion enhancement in differentiating clear cell from papillary subtype of renal cell cancer
Chandarana, Hersh; Rosenkrantz, Andrew B; Mussi, Thais C; Kim, Sooah; Ahmad, Afshan A; Raj, Sean D; McMenamy, John; Melamed, Jonathan; Babb, James S; Kiefer, Berthold; Kiraly, Atilla P
2012 Dec;265(3):790-798, Radiology
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A versatile flow phantom for intravoxel incoherent motion MRI
Cho GY; Kim S; Jensen JH; Storey P; Sodickson DK; Sigmund EE
2012 Nov 23;:1710-1720, Magnetic resonance in medicine
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Hepatocellular carcinoma: Detection with diffusion-weighted vs. contrast-enhanced MRI in pre-transplant patients
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2012 Feb;:140-148, Hepatology
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Infiltrative hepatocellular carcinoma: Comparison of MRI sequences for lesion conspicuity
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Prostate cancer: multiparametric MRI for index lesion localization--a multiple-reader study
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Utility of MRI features for differentiation of retroperitoneal fibrosis and lymphoma
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Exploiting sparsity to accelerate noncontrast MR angiography in the context of parallel imaging
Storey P; Otazo R; Lim RP; Kim S; Fleysher L; Oesingmann N; Lee VS; Sodickson DK
2012 Aug 29;:1391-1400, Magnetic resonance in medicine
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Noncontrast MR angiography for comprehensive assessment of abdominopelvic arteries using quadruple inversion-recovery preconditioning and 3D balanced steady-state free precession imaging
Atanasova, Iliyana P; Kim, Daniel; Lim, Ruth P; Storey, Pippa; Kim, Sooah; Guo, Hua; Lee, Vivian S
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Prediction of Disease-Free Survival in Patients with Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the Head and Neck Using Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Imaging
Chawla, S; Kim, S; Loevner, L A; Hwang, W-T; Weinstein, G; Chalian, A; Quon, H; Poptani, H
2011 Apr;32(4):778-784, AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology
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Metabolite profiling of sucrose effect on the metabolism of Melissa officinalis by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Kim, Sooah; Shin, Min Hye; Hossain, Md Aktar; Yun, Eun Ju; Lee, Hojoung; Kim, Kyoung Heon
2011 Apr;399(10):3519-3528, Analytical & bioanalytical chemistry
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Intravoxel incoherent motion imaging of tumor microenvironment in locally advanced breast cancer
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Arterial flow characteristics in the presence of vascular disease and implications for fast spin echo-based noncontrast MR angiography
Storey, Pippa; Lim, Ruth P; Kim, Sooah; Stoffel, David R; Lee, Vivian S
2011 Dec;34(6):1472-1479, Journal of magnetic resonance imaging
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Differentiation between glioblastomas, solitary brain metastases, and primary cerebral lymphomas using diffusion tensor and dynamic susceptibility contrast-enhanced MR imaging
Wang, S; Kim, S; Chawla, S; Wolf, R L; Knipp, D E; Vossough, A; O'Rourke, D M; Judy, K D; Poptani, H; Melhem, E R
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Enhanced drought tolerance in Arabidopsis via genetic manipulation aimed at the reduction of glucosamine-induced ROS generation
Chu, Seung Hee; Noh, Ha-na; Kim, Sooah; Kim, Kyoung Heon; Hong, Suk-Whan; Lee, Hojoung
2010 Nov;74(4-5):493-502, Plant molecular biology
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Hepatocellular carcinoma: assessment of response to transarterial chemoembolization with image subtraction
Kim, Sooah; Mannelli, Lorenzo; Hajdu, Cristina H; Babb, James S; Clark, Timothy W I; Hecht, Elizabeth M; Taouli, Bachir
2010 Feb;31(2):348-355, Journal of magnetic resonance imaging
— id: 106501, year: 2010, vol: 31, page: 348, stat: Journal Article,

Time-resolved lower extremity MRA with temporal interpolation and stochastic spiral trajectories: Preliminary clinical experience
Lim, Ruth P; Jacob, Jason S; Hecht, Elizabeth M; Kim, Danny C; Huffman, Steven D; Kim, Sooah; Babb, James S; Laub, Gerhard; Adelman, Mark A; Lee, Vivian S
2010 Mar;31(3):663-672, Journal of magnetic resonance imaging
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Non-gadolinium-enhanced 3-dimensional magnetic resonance angiography for the evaluation of thoracic aortic disease: a preliminary experience
Srichai, Monvadi B; Kim, Sooah; Axel, Leon; Babb, James; Hecht, Elizabeth M
2010 ;37(1):58-65, Texas Heart Institute journal
— id: 107791, year: 2010, vol: 37, page: 58, stat: Journal Article,

Fatty acid profiling and proteomic analysis of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium inactivated with supercritical carbon dioxide
Kim, Soo Rin; Kim, Hee Taek; Park, Hee Jung; Kim, Sooah; Choi, Hee Jung; Hwang, Geum-Sook; Yi, Jong Hoon; Ryu, Do Hyun; Kim, Kyoung Heon
2009 Sep 15;134(3):190-195, International journal of food microbiology
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T1 hyperintense renal lesions: characterization with diffusion-weighted mr imaging versus contrast-enhanced MR imaging
Kim, Sooah; Jain, Monica; Harris, Andrew B; Lee, Vivian S; Babb, James S; Sigmund, Eric E; Rueff, Laura E; Taouli, Bachir
2009 Jun;251(3):796-807, Radiology
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Characterization of adrenal pheochromocytoma using respiratory-triggered proton MR spectroscopy: initial experience
Kim, Sooah; Salibi, Nouha; Hardie, Andrew D; Xu, Jian; Lim, Ruth P; Lee, Vivian S; Taouli, Bachir
2009 Feb;192(2):450-454, American journal of roentgenology (1976)
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Is gadolinium necessary for MRI follow-up evaluation of cystic lesions in the pancreas? Preliminary results
Macari, Michael; Lee, Terrence; Kim, Sooah; Jacobs, Stacy; Megibow, Alec J; Hajdu, Cristina; Babb, James
2009 Jan;192(1):159-164, American journal of roentgenology (1976)
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Assessment of tumor necrosis of hepatocellular carcinoma after chemoembolization: diffusion-weighted and contrast-enhanced MRI with histopathologic correlation of the explanted liver
Mannelli, Lorenzo; Kim, Sooah; Hajdu, Cristina H; Babb, James S; Clark, Timothy W I; Taouli, Bachir
2009 Oct;193(4):1044-1052, American journal of roentgenology (1976)
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Renal Lesions: Characterization with Diffusion-weighted Imaging versus Contrast-enhanced MR Imaging
Taouli, Bachir; Thakur, Ravi K; Mannelli, Lorenzo; Babb, James S; Kim, Sooah; Hecht, Elizabeth M; Lee, Vivian S; Israel, Gary M
2009 May;251(2):398-407, Radiology
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Time-resolved dynamic contrast-enhanced MR urography for the evaluation of ureteral peristalsis: initial experience
Kim, Sooah; Jacob, Jason S; Kim, Danny C; Rivera, Rafael; Lim, Ruth P; Lee, Vivian S
2008 Nov;28(5):1293-1298, Journal of magnetic resonance imaging
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Diffusion-weighted MR imaging of the kidneys and the urinary tract
Kim, Sooah; Naik, Mohit; Sigmund, Eric; Taouli, Bachir
2008 Nov;16(4):266-280, Magnetic resonance imaging clinics of North America
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Opacification of urinary bladder and ureter at CT urography: effect of a log-rolling procedure and postvoiding residual bladder urine volume
Kim, Sooah; Wang, Lihuan L; Heiken, Jay P; Siegel, Cary L; Hildebolt, Charles F; Bae, Kyongtae T
2008 Jun;247(3):747-753, Radiology
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3D time-resolved MR angiography (MRA) of the carotid arteries with time-resolved imaging with stochastic trajectories: comparison with 3D contrast-enhanced Bolus-Chase MRA and 3D time-of-flight MRA
Lim, R P; Shapiro, M; Wang, E Y; Law, M; Babb, J S; Rueff, L E; Jacob, J S; Kim, S; Carson, R H; Mulholland, T P; Laub, G; Hecht, E M
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Ascending retrocecal appendicitis: clinical and computed tomographic findings
Kim, Sooah; Lim, Hyo K; Lee, Ji Yeon; Lee, Jongmee; Kim, Min Ju; Lee, And Soon Jin
2006 Sep-Oct;30(5):772-776, Journal of computer assisted tomography
— id: 70178, year: 2006, vol: 30, page: 772, stat: Journal Article,

Depiction and local staging of rectal tumors: comparison of transrectal US before and after water instillation
Kim, Sooah; Lim, Hyo K; Lee, Soon Jin; Choi, Dongil; Lee, Won Jae; Kim, Seong Hyun; Kim, Min Ju; Lim, Jae Hoon
2004 Apr;231(1):117-122, Radiology
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Comparison of transvaginal ultrasonography with hysterosonography as a screening method in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding
Ryu, Jeong-Ah; Kim, Bohyun; Lee, Jongmee; Kim, Sooah; Lee, Sang Hoon
2004 Jan-Mar;5(1):39-46, Korean journal of radiology
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Overlapping ablation using a coaxial radiofrequency electrode and multiple cannulae system: experimental study in ex-vivo bovine liver
Choi, Dongil; Lim, Hyo K; Kim, Min Ju; Lee, Jongmee; Kim, Seung Kwon; Kim, Eung Yeop; Kim, Sooah; Kim, Seong Hyun
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Ultrasound evaluation of normal and abnormal fetuses: comparison of conventional, tissue harmonic, and pulse-inversion harmonic imaging techniques
Ryu, Jeong-Ah; Kim, Bohyun; Kim, Sooah; Yang, Soon Ha; Choi, Moon Hae; Ahn, Hyeong Sik
2003 Jul-Sep;4(3):184-190, Korean journal of radiology
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