Danny C Kim

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Danny Kim

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology
Director of Quality and Safety NYU Radiology Associates

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660 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016



1997-1998 — St. Vincent's Medical Center, Internship
1998-2002 — New York Presbyterian Hospital - Cornell University, Residency Training
2002-2003 — NYU Medical Center, Clinical Fellowships

Use of a Referring Physician Survey to Direct and Evaluate Department-Wide Radiology Quality Improvement Efforts
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MDCT diagnosis of acute pulmonary embolism in the emergent setting
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Comparison of blood pool and extracellular gadolinium chelate for functional MR evaluation of vascular thoracic outlet syndrome
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Single-center retrospective analysis of patient radiation dose during IVC filter placement
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Comparison of Nonenhanced MR Angiographic Subtraction Techniques for Infragenual Arteries at 1.5 T: A Preliminary Study
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