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Karen Holopigian-Cahill

Professor, Department of Ophthalmology

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462 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016


Research Summary

Our research involves the electrophysiological examination of the sites and mechanisms of rod and cone function in patients with retinal diseases, including diabetes, open-angle glaucoma, AIDS, and retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited, progressive degenerative disease. Our research has a twofold purpose: 1) to provide prognostic information to ophthalmologists and patients and 2) to provide information about the mechanisms and pathogenesis of the disease. Currently, we use the full-field, flash electroretinogram (ERG) to measure the electrical response of the eye to brief, high intensity flashes. We then use a model of receptor activity to derive fits to these data and estimate the parameters of Rmax (maximum response amplitude) and log S (sensitivity). The results on patients with diabetes indicated that, for the majority of the patients, Rmax was normal, but log S was reduced, consistent with deficits in photoreceptor transduction. Analysis of b-wave and oscillatory potential parameters provided evidence for rod and cone postreceptoral abnormalities not accounted for by receptoral changes. Presently, we are applying this technique to the visual processing of patients with open-angle glaucoma to determine whether recent anatomical reports of outer retinal losses in these patients can be verified using electrophysiological techniques.

Research Interests

Electrophysiological Analysis of Rod/Cone Activity in Retinal Disease

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