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Marshall Keilson

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Neurology

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240 East 38th Street
New York, NY 10016


Really, most SINCERELY dead: policy and procedure in the diagnosis of death by neurologic criteria
Keilson, Marshall
2012-09-14; 0028-3878,Neurology - id: 177802, year: 2004 Comment; Letter

Central pontine myelinolysis with complete recovery
Keilson, M J; Drexler, E; Miller, A E; Bruining, K
2012-09-14; 1051-2284,Journal of neuroimaging - id: 177804, year: 1994 Case Reports; Journal Article

Apneic oxygenation in apnea tests
Keilson, M J
2012-09-14; 0003-9942,Archives of neurology - id: 177805, year: 1991 Comment; Letter

Electrocardiographic changes during electrographic seizures
Keilson, M J; Hauser, W A; Magrill, J P
2012-09-14; 0003-9942,Archives of neurology - id: 177806, year: 1989 Journal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't

Determining death
Keilson, Marshall J; Rosner, Fred; Tendler, Moshe David; Schachter, Herschel; Soloveichik, Aaron; Zwiebel, Chaim David
2012-09-14; 0730-2614,Journal of halacha & contemporary society - id: 177803, year: 1989 Journal Article