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Angeliki Kazeros

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

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462 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Coexpression of type 2 immune targets in sputum-derived epithelial and dendritic cells from asthmatic patients
Bleck, Bertram; Kazeros, Angeliki; Bakal, Keren; Garcia-Medina, Lymaris; Adams, Alexandra; Liu, Mengling; Lee, Richard A; Tse, Doris B; Chiu, Amanda; Grunig, Gabriele; Egan, John P 3rd; Reibman, Joan
2015-04-06; 1097-6825,Journal of allergy & clinical immunology - id: 1518952, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Systemic Inflammation Associated With World Trade Center Dust Exposures and Airway Abnormalities in the Local Community
Kazeros, Angeliki; Zhang, Enhan; Cheng, Xin; Shao, Yongzhao; Liu, Mengling; Qian, Meng; Caplan-Shaw, Caralee; Berger, Kenneth I; Goldring, Roberta M; Ghumman, Muhammad; Chokshi, Neel P; Levy-Carrick, Nomi; Fernandez-Beros, Maria Elena; Parsia, Sam; Marmor, Michael; Reibman, Joan
2015-06-15; 1536-5948,Journal of occupational & environmental medicine - id: 1626122, year: 2015 Journal Article

Isolated distal airway dysfunction as a mechanism for development of respiratory symptoms during bronchoprovocation in WTC dust exposed community members
Berger, K I; Kalish, S; Shao, Y; Marmor, M; Kazeros, A; Bender, W; Ma, J; Zhang, E; Oppenheimer, B W; Reibman, J; Goldring, R M
2015-09-11; 1073-449x,American journal of respiratory & critical care medicine - id: 1769282, year: 2013

In situ expression of human OX40L/TNFSF4 is up-regulated in sputum-derived myeloid dendritic cells from asthma cases compared to controls
Bleck, B; Kazeros, A; Lymaris, G -M; Adams, A; Grunig, G; Reibman, J
2015-09-11; 1073-449x,American journal of respiratory & critical care medicine - id: 1769132, year: 2013

MicroRNA-375 Regulation of Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin by Diesel Exhaust Particles and Ambient Particulate Matter in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells
Bleck, Bertram; Grunig, Gabriele; Chiu, Amanda; Liu, Mengling; Gordon, Terry; Kazeros, Angeliki; Reibman, Joan
2013-04-01; 0022-1767,Journal of immunology (1950) - id: 255232, year: 2013 Journal Article