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Susan M. Kansagra, M.D.

Clinical Instructor;
Department of Medicine (GIM Div)

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Public opinions on tax and retail-based tobacco control strategies
Farley, Shannon M; Coady, Micaela H; Mandel-Ricci, Jenna; Waddell, Elizabeth Needham; Chan, Christina; Kilgore, Elizabeth A; Kansagra, Susan M
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One cigarette is one too many: evaluating a light smoker-targeted media campaign
Jasek, John P; Johns, Michael; Mbamalu, Ijeoma; Auer, Kari; Kilgore, Elizabeth A; Kansagra, Susan M
2014 Mar;:130263-130263, Tobacco control
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Smoke-free parks and beaches: an interrupted time-series study of behavioural impact in New York City
Johns, Michael; Farley, Shannon M; Rajulu, Deepa T; Kansagra, Susan M; Juster, Harlan R
2014 Apr;:?-?, Tobacco control
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Strategies to reduce youth tobacco use: opportunities for local government
Kansagra, Susan M
2014 Aug;47(2 Suppl 1):S93-S94, American journal of preventive medicine
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Reaching children never previously vaccinated for influenza through a school-located vaccination program
Kansagra, Susan M; Papadouka, Vikki; Geevarughese, Anita; Hansen, Michael A; Konty, Kevin J; Zucker, Jane R
2014 Jan;104(1):e45-e49, American journal of public health. AJPH
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Making it harder to smoke and easier to quit: the effect of 10 years of tobacco control in new york city
Kilgore, Elizabeth A; Mandel-Ricci, Jenna; Johns, Michael; Coady, Micaela H; Perl, Sarah B; Goodman, Andrew; Kansagra, Susan M
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Calorie Intake, Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption, and Obesity Among New York City Adults: Findings from a 2013 Population Study Using Dietary Recalls
Ruff, Ryan Richard; Akhund, Ali; Adjoian, Tamar; Kansagra, Susan M
2014 Mar;:130263-130263, Journal of community health
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Increases in smoking cessation interventions after a feedback and improvement initiative using electronic health records - 19 community health centers, new york city, october 2010-march 2012
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Public support for smoke-free air strategies among smokers and nonsmokers, New York City, 2010-2012
Waddell, Elizabeth Needham; Farley, Shannon M; Mandel-Ricci, Jenna; Kansagra, Susan M
2014 ;11:130263-130263, Preventing chronic disease
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Highlighting the ratio of sodium to potassium in population-level dietary assessments: cross-sectional data from New York City, USA
Yi, Stella S; Curtis, Christine J; Angell, Sonia Y; Anderson, Cheryl Am; Jung, Molly; Kansagra, Susan M
2014 Jun;:1-5, Public health nutrition
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Associations of sodium intake with obesity, body mass index, waist circumference, and weight
Yi, Stella S; Kansagra, Susan M
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Getting the message right: reducing sodium intake saves lives
Clapp, Jenifer E; Curtis, Christine J; Kansagra, Susan M; Farley, Thomas A
2013 Oct;26(10):1181-1182, American journal of hypertension
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Awareness and impact of New York City's graphic point-of-sale tobacco health warning signs
Coady, Micaela H; Chan, Christina A; Auer, Kari; Farley, Shannon M; Kilgore, Elizabeth A; Kansagra, Susan M
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The impact of cigarette excise tax increases on purchasing behaviors among New York city smokers
Coady, Micaela H; Chan, Christina A; Sacks, Rachel; Mbamalu, Ijeoma G; Kansagra, Susan M
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Availability of potassium on the nutrition facts panel of US packaged foods
Curtis, Christine J; Niederman, Sarah A; Kansagra, Susan M
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Cigarette trafficking in five northeastern US cities
Davis, Kevin C; Grimshaw, Victoria; Merriman, David; Farrelly, Matthew C; Chernick, Howard; Coady, Micaela H; Campbell, Kelsey; Kansagra, Susan M
2013 Dec;:e45-e49, Tobacco control
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Evaluating New York City's smoke-free parks and beaches law: a critical multiplist approach to assessing behavioral impact
Johns, Michael; Coady, Micaela H; Chan, Christina A; Farley, Shannon M; Kansagra, Susan M
2013 Mar;51(1-2):254-263, American journal of community psychology
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Exposure to tobacco retail outlets and smoking initiation among New York City adolescents
Johns, Michael; Sacks, Rachel; Rane, Madhura; Kansagra, Susan M
2013 Dec;90(6):1091-1101, Journal of urban health
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Potassium and fruit and vegetable intakes in relation to social determinants and access to produce in New York City
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Cost comparison of 2 mass vaccination campaigns against influenza A H1N1 in New York City
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Description of a Large Urban School-Located 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Vaccination Campaign, New York City 2009-2010
Narciso, HE; Pathela, P; Morgenthau, BM; Kansagra, SM; May, L; Scaccia, A; Zucker, JR
2012 Feb;:317-328, Journal of urban health
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Exploring the next frontier for tobacco control: Nondaily smoking among New York City adults
Sacks, Rachel; Coady, Micaela H; Mbamalu, Ijeoma G; Johns, Michael; Kansagra, Susan M
2012 ;2012:145861-145861, Journal of environmental & public health
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Public health research: lost in translation or speaking the wrong language?
Kansagra, Susan M; Farley, Thomas A
2011 Dec;101(12):2203-2206, American journal of public health. AJPH
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The modern crystal ball: influenza forecasting with mathematical models
Kansagra, Susan M; Farley, Thomas A
2009 Dec;151(12):886-887, Annals of internal medicine
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A survey of workplace violence across 65 U.S. emergency departments
Kansagra, Susan M; Rao, Sowmya R; Sullivan, Ashley F; Gordon, James A; Magid, David J; Kaushal, Rainu; Camargo, Carlos A Jr; Blumenthal, David
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Trends in operator and hospital procedure volume and outcomes for percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, 1996 to 2001
Kansagra, Susan M; Curtis, Lesley H; Anstrom, Kevin J; Schulman, Kevin A
2007 Feb;99(3):339-343, American journal of cardiology
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Regionalization of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty and implications for patient travel distance
Kansagra, Susan M; Curtis, Lesley H; Schulman, Kevin A
2004 Oct;292(14):1717-1723, JAMA
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STUDENTJAMA. The clinical relevance of genomic variation
Kansagra, Susan; List, Justin
2004 Apr;291(13):1641-1641, JAMA
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