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Pharmacogenetics of hepatitis C: transition from interferon-based therapies to direct-acting antiviral agents
Kamal, Sanaa M
2014-08-26; 1179-1535,Hepatic medicine: evidence & research - id: 1141662, year: 2014 Journal Article; Review

Host and viral determinants of the outcome of exposure to HCV infection genotype 4: a large longitudinal study
Kamal, Sanaa M; Kassim, Samar K; Ahmed, Amany I; Mahmoud, Sara; Bahnasy, Khaled A; Hafez, Tamer A; Aziz, Ibrahiem A; Fathelbab, Iman F; Mansour, Hoda M
2014-03-16; 0002-9270,American journal of gastroenterology - id: 835762, year: 2014 Journal Article

Hepatitis C virus genotype 4 therapy: progress and challenges
Kamal, Sanaa M
2014-03-16; 1478-3223,Liver international - id: 835782, year: 2011 Journal Article; Meta-Analysis; Review

Enhanced efficacy of pegylated interferon alpha-2a over pegylated interferon and ribavirin in chronic hepatitis C genotype 4A randomized trial and quality of life analysis
Kamal, Sanaa M; Ahmed, Amany; Mahmoud, Sara; Nabegh, Leila; El Gohary, Iman; Obadan, Isi; Hafez, Tamer; Ghoraba, Dahlia; Aziz, Ahmed A; Metaoei, Mona
2014-03-16; 1478-3223,Liver international - id: 835772, year: 2011 Journal Article; Randomized Controlled Trial

Forward Look: Tenth Anniversary of the Human Genome Sequence and 21 Century Postgenomics Global Health - A Close Up on Africa and Women's Health
Kamal, Sanaa M; Warnich, Louise; Ferguson, Lynnette R; Srivastava, Sanjeeva; Ray, Sandipan; Avard, Denise; Joly, Yann; Le Huynh, Michael; Page, Madeline; Masellis, Mario; Dove, Edward S; Gurwitz, David; Ozdemir, Vural
2014-05-12; 1875-6921,Current pharmacogenomics & personalized medicine - id: 971082, year: 2011 JOURNAL ARTICLE