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Joseph Guttenplan

Research Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Medicine
Environmental Medicine

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Effects of black raspberry extract (BRB) and related compounds on mutagenesis induced by the tobacco carcinogen, dibenzo(a,l)pyrene and its metabolites in cultured rat oral fibroblasts
Guttenplan, Joseph B; Kosinska, Wieslawa; Han, Tianzhen; Chen, Kun-Ming; Zhang, Shangmin; Gowdahalli, Krishnegowda; Shantu, Amin; Stoner, Gary; El-Bayoumy, Karam
2015-05-28; 1538-7445,Cancer research - id: 1598322, year: 2014

Comparative transforming effects of ultra low tar (ULT) and full flavor low tar (FFLT) cigarette smoke particulate extracts on human oral epithelial cells
Han, Tianzhen; Sacks, Peter; Guttenplan, Joseph B
2015-05-28; 1538-7445,Cancer research - id: 1598312, year: 2014

p53 Modulates Hsp90 ATPase Activity and Regulates Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Signaling
Kochhar, Amit; Kopelovich, Levy; Sue, Erika; Guttenplan, Joseph B; Herbert, Brittney-Shea; Dannenberg, Andrew J; Subbaramaiah, Kotha
2014-07-10; 1940-6215,Cancer prevention research (Philadelphia, Pa.) - id: 1067322, year: 2014 Journal Article

Inhibition of spontaneous and induced mutagenesis by natural compounds and mixtures
Sacks, P G; Zhao, Z L; Kosinska, W; He, Z; Khmelnitsky, M; Kim, J H; Guttenplan, J B
2015-03-31; 0250-7005,Anticancer research - id: 1514512, year: 2014

Mutagenicity of furan in female Big Blue B6C3F1 mice
Terrell, Ashley N; Huynh, Mailee; Grill, Alex E; Kovi, Ramesh C; O'Sullivan, M Gerard; Guttenplan, Joseph B; Ho, Yen-Yi; Peterson, Lisa A
2014-10-26; 1383-5718,Mutation research: genetic toxicology & environmental mutagenesis - id: 1315012, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE