Jessica L. Jacobson

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Jessica Jacobson

Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
Dir of Spec Hematology Lab in Bellevue

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462 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016


Transfusion guidelines instruction course and competency exam to address house staff blood banking and transfusion medicine educational deficiencies
Jacobson, J L
2015-11-19; 0041-1132,Transfusion - id: 1840892, year: 2015

A system-wide analysis of antigen-negative red blood cell unit purchases
Jacobson, J L; Ford, K
2015-11-19; 0041-1132,Transfusion - id: 1840852, year: 2015

The impact of a system-wide policy change requiring CcEeK antigen matching for RBC transfusions in patients with sickle cell disease
Jacobson, J L; Ford, K
2015-11-19; 0041-1132,Transfusion - id: 1840872, year: 2015

RBC antigen-negative phenotypes: To retype or not?
Jacobson, J L; Gajera, D
2015-11-19; 0041-1132,Transfusion - id: 1840862, year: 2015

Can old dogs learn new "transfusion requirements in critical care": a survey of packed red blood cell transfusion practices among members of The American Association for the Surgery of Trauma
Sim, Vasiliy; Kao, Lillian S; Jacobson, Jessica; Frangos, Spiros; Brundage, Susan; Wilson, Chad T; Simon, Ron; Glass, Nina E; Pachter, H Leon; Todd, S Rob
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