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Hillel Isseroff

Clinical Instructor, Department of Medicine

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Electrocardiographic QT interval and cardiovascular reactivity in fibromyalgia differ from chronic fatigue syndrome
Naschitz, Jochanan E; Slobodin, Gleb; Sharif, Dauod; Fields, Madeline; Isseroff, Hillel; Sabo, Edmond; Rosner, Itzhak
2012-12-14; 0953-6205,European journal of internal medicine - id: 201302, year: 2008 Comparative Study; Journal Article

Shortened QT interval: a distinctive feature of the dysautonomia of chronic fatigue syndrome
Naschitz, Jochanan; Fields, Madeline; Isseroff, Hillel; Sharif, Dauod; Sabo, Edmond; Rosner, Itzhak
2012-12-14; 0022-0736,Journal of electrocardiology - id: 201312, year: 2006 Controlled Clinical Trial; Journal Article

Search for disease-specific cardiovascular reactivity patterns: developing the methodology
Naschitz, Jochanan E; Rozenbaum, Michael; Fields, Madeline; Isseroff, Hillel; Enis, Sean; Babich, Jay P; Peck, Shannon; Peck, Elisabeth Rubin; Gaitini, Louis; Naschitz, Shaul; Sabo, Edmond; Rosner, Itzhak
2012-12-14; 0143-5221,Clinical science (London, 1979) - id: 201322, year: 2005 Evaluation Studies; Journal Article

Radiolabeled leukocyte imaging in inflammatory bowel disease: a prospective blinded evaluation
Lachter, Jesse; Isseroff, Hillel Noah; Yasin, Kamel; Keidar, Zohar; Israel, Ora
2012-12-14; 0172-6390,Hepatogastroenterology - id: 201332, year: 2003 Journal Article

Unilateral necrobiosis lipoidica of the ischemic limb--a case report
Naschitz, Jochanan E; Fields, Madeline; Isseroff, Hillel; Wolffson, Vladimir; Yeshurun, Daniel
2012-12-14; 0003-3197,Angiology - id: 201342, year: 2003 Case Reports; Journal Article