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Margaret E Huflejt, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor;
Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery (CT Surgery)

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180 varick
Room 506
New York, NY

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Glycomics, Extracellular Matrix, and Anti-glycan Antibodies in Exfoliation Syndrome
Huflejt, Margaret E; Preiss, Jordan S; Thomson, Jennifer E; Gils, Ingrid M; Vuskovic, Marko I
2014 Oct-Nov;:S24-S29, Journal of glaucoma
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The glycosphingolipid P1 is an ovarian cancer-associated carbohydrate antigen involved in migration
Jacob, F; Anugraham, M; Pochechueva, T; Tse, B W C; Alam, S; Guertler, R; Bovin, N V; Fedier, A; Hacker, N F; Huflejt, M E; Packer, N; Heinzelmann-Schwarz, V A
2014 Oct;111(8):1634-1645, British journal of cancer
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P1 glycosphingolipid is an ovarian cancer-associated carbohydrate antigen and enhances cell migration
Jacob, F; Anugraham, M; Pochechueva, T; Tse, B; Alam, S; Guertler, R; Bovin, N V; Fedier, A; Hacker, N F; Huflejt, M E; Packer, N; Heinzelmann-, Schwarz V A
2014 May 2014;24(9):240-241, International journal of gynecological cancer
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Cross-platform comparison of glycan microarray formats
Wang, Linlin; Cummings, Richard D; Smith, David F; Huflejt, Margaret; Campbell, Christopher T; Gildersleeve, Jeffrey C; Gerlach, Jared Q; Kilcoyne, Michelle; Joshi, Lokesh; Serna, Sonia; Reichardt, Niels-Christian; Parera Pera, Nuria; Pieters, Roland J; Eng, William; Mahal, Lara K
2014 Jun;24(6):507-517, Glycobiology
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Natural Antibodies Against Sialoglycans
Shilova, Nadezhda; Huflejt, Margaret E; Vuskovic, Marko; Obukhova, Polina; Navakouski, Maksim; Khasbiullina, Nailya; Pazynina, Galina; Galanina, Oxana; Bazhenov, Alexey; Bovin, Nicolai
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Plasma Anti-Glycan Antibody Profiles Associated with Nickel level in Urine
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Repertoire of human natural anti-glycan immunoglobulins. Do we have auto-antibodies?
Bovin, Nicolai; Obukhova, Polina; Shilova, Nadezhda; Rapoport, Evgenia; Popova, Inna; Navakouski, Maksim; Unverzagt, Carlo; Vuskovic, Marko; Huflejt, Margaret
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Serum antiglycan antibody detection of nonmucinous ovarian cancers by using a printed glycan array
Jacob, Francis; Goldstein, Darlene R; Bovin, Nicolai V; Pochechueva, Tatiana; Spengler, Marianne; Caduff, Rosemarie; Fink, Daniel; Vuskovic, Marko I; Huflejt, Margaret E; Heinzelmann-Schwarz, Viola
2012 Jan;130(1):138-146, International journal of cancer
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Fibulin-3 as a blood and effusion biomarker for pleural mesothelioma
Pass, Harvey I; Levin, Stephen M; Harbut, Michael R; Melamed, Jonathan; Chiriboga, Luis; Donington, Jessica; Huflejt, Margaret; Carbone, Michele; Chia, David; Goodglick, Lee; Goodman, Gary E; Thornquist, Mark D; Liu, Geoffrey; de Perrot, Marc; Tsao, Ming-Sound; Goparaju, Chandra
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Cross-platform comparison of carbohydrate microarrays: Six groups and five lectins
Wang, Linlin; Campbell, Christopher; Cummings, Richard; Gerlach, Jared Q.; Gildersleeve, Jeffrey C.; Huflejt, Margaret; Joshi, Lokesh; Kane, Marian; Pieters, Roland; Reichardt, Neils; Smith, David; Mahal, Lara K.
2012 NOV;22(11):1647-1647, Glycobiology
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Comparison of printed glycan array, suspension array and ELISA in the detection of human anti-glycan antibodies
Pochechueva, Tatiana; Jacob, Francis; Goldstein, Darlene R; Huflejt, Margaret E; Chinarev, Alexander; Caduff, Rosemarie; Fink, Daniel; Hacker, Neville; Bovin, Nicolai V; Heinzelmann-Schwarz, Viola
2011 Dec;28(8-9):507-517, Glycoconjugate journal
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Changes in the Repertoire of Natural Antibodies Caused by Immunization with Bacterial Antigens
Shilova, N. V.; Navakouski, M. J.; Huflejt, M.; Kuehn, A.; Grunow, R.; Blixt, O.; Bovin, N. V.
2011 JUL ;76(7):862-866, Biochemistry = Biokhimiya
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Processing and analysis of serum antibody binding signals from Printed Glycan Arrays for diagnostic and prognostic applications
Vuskovic, Marko I; Xu, Hongyu; Bovin, Nicolai V; Pass, Harvey I; Huflejt, Margaret E
2011 ;7(4):402-426, International journal of bioinformatics research & applications
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Detection of integrin-linked kinase in the serum of patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma
Watzka, Stefan B; Posch, Florian; Pass, Harvey I; Huflejt, Margaret; Bernhard, David; Hannigan, Gregory E; Muller, Michael R
2011 Aug;142(2):384-389, Journal of thoracic & cardiovascular surgery
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Anti-Carbohydrate Antibodies of Normal Sera: Findings, Surprises and Challenges
Huflejt, M; Bovin, NV
2009 NOV ;19(11):1292-1292, Glycobiology
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Anti-carbohydrate antibodies of normal sera: findings, surprises and challenges
Huflejt, Margaret E; Vuskovic, Marko; Vasiliu, Daniela; Xu, Hongyu; Obukhova, Polina; Shilova, Nadezhda; Tuzikov, Alexander; Galanina, Oxana; Arun, Banu; Lu, Karen; Bovin, Nicolai
2009 Sep;46(15):3037-3049, Molecular immunology
— id: 101890, year: 2009, vol: 46, page: 3037, stat: Journal Article,

Expression profiling of glycosylation pathways in pleural mesothelioma
Ivanov, S; Pass, HI; Huflejt, M
2009 SEP ;4(9):S763-S764, Journal of thoracic oncology
— id: 102470, year: 2009, vol: 4, page: S763, stat: Journal Article,

Endogenous galectin-1 enforces class I-restricted TCR functional fate decisions in thymocytes
Liu, Scot D; Whiting, Chan C; Tomassian, Tamar; Pang, Mabel; Bissel, Stephanie J; Baum, Linda G; Mossine, Valeri V; Poirier, Francoise; Huflejt, Margaret E; Miceli, M Carrie
2008 Jul 1;112(1):120-130, Blood
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Printed covalent glycan array for ligand profiling of diverse glycan binding proteins
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Galectin-4 in normal tissues and cancer
Huflejt, Margaret E; Leffler, Hakon
2004 ;20(4):247-255, Glycoconjugate journal
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Fluorescence polarization as an analytical tool to evaluate galectin-ligand interactions
Sorme, Pernilla; Kahl-Knutsson, Barbro; Huflejt, Margaret; Nilsson, Ulf J; Leffler, Hakon
2004 Nov 1;334(1):36-47, Analytical biochemistry
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Regulation of mucosal immune responses by recombinant interleukin 10 produced by intestinal epithelial cells in mice
De Winter, Hilde; Elewaut, Dirk; Turovskaya, Olga; Huflejt, Margaret; Shimeld, Carolyn; Hagenbaugh, Amy; Binder, Scott; Takahashi, Ichiro; Kronenberg, Mitchell; Cheroutre, Hilde
2002 Jun;122(7):1829-1841, Gastroenterology
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Galectin-3 binds lactosaminylated lipooligosaccharides from Neisseria gonorrhoeae and is selectively expressed by mucosal epithelial cells that are infected
John, Constance M; Jarvis, Gary A; Swanson, Karen V; Leffler, Hakon; Cooper, Morris D; Huflejt, Margaret E; Griffiss, J McLeod
2002 Oct;4(10):649-662, Cellular microbiology
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