Henry Rusinek

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Henry Rusinek

Professor, Department of Radiology;Professor, Department of Psychiatry

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660 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016



1975 — Yeshiva University, Graduate Education

Research Summary

The rapid improvement of high-resolution imaging expanded our knowledge of structure and function of the human body. A deeper understanding of normal and diseased states can be achieved through novel images analysis procedures. Our main goal is to develop tools for improved diagnosis by increasing the accuracy and precision of
image-based measurement of anatomical and physiological parameters. Recent examples include: (a) the development of a challenging multi- compartmental model of the kidney based on dynamic MR imaging, (b) image coregistration and precise sub-voxel segmentation that enables us to detect minute changes in brain structure (see Figure), (c) the analysis of image texture based on multi-scale Gaussian derivatives.

Research Interests

Modeling and Analysis of Biomedical Systems

Calculation of brain atrophy using computed tomography and a new atrophy measurement tool
Bin Zahid, A.; Mikheev, A.; Yang, A.I.; Samadani, U.; Rusinek, H.
2015-07-01; 1605-7422,Progress in biomedical optics & imaging - id: 1645592, year: 2015

Image Guided Focal Therapy Of MRI-Visible Prostate Cancer: Defining a 3D Treatment Margin based on MRI-Histology Co-registration Analysis
Le Nobin, Julien; Rosenkrantz, Andrew B; Villers, Arnauld; Orczyk, Clement; Deng, Fang-Ming; Melamed, Jonathan; Mikheev, Artem; Rusinek, Henry; Taneja, Samir S
2015-03-01; 0022-5347,Journal of urology - id: 1473742, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Cortical Lamina Binding of PET Amyloid and Tau Tracers in Alzheimer's disease
Li, Yi; Tsui, Wai; Rusinek, Henry; Butler, Tracy; Mosconi, Lisa; Pirraglia, Elizabeth; Mozley, David; Vallabhajosula, Shankar; Harada, Ryuichi; Furumoto, Shozo; Furukawa, Katsutoshi; Arai, Hiroyuki; Kudo, Yukitsuka; Okamura, Nobuyuki; de Leon, Mony
2015-01-19; 0161-5505,Journal of nuclear medicine - id: 1435792, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

High Spatiotemporal Resolution Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Enterography in Crohn Disease Terminal Ileitis Using Continuous Golden-Angle Radial Sampling, Compressed Sensing, and Parallel Imaging
Ream, Justin M; Doshi, Ankur; Lala, Shailee V; Kim, Sooah; Rusinek, Henry; Chandarana, Hersh
2015-05-24; 1546-3141,American journal of roentgenology (1976) - id: 1591252, year: 2015 Journal Article

Performance of an automated renal segmentation algorithm based on morphological erosion and cnnectivity
Abiri, B.; Park, B.; Chandarana, H.; Mikheev, A.; Lee, V.S.; Rusinek, H.
2014-06-28; 1605-7422,Progress in biomedical optics & imaging - id: 1051452, year: 2014