Eileen M Hoffman

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Eileen M Hoffman, M.D.

Clinical Associate Professor;
Department of Medicine (GIM Div)

Clinical Addresses

35 East 35th Street
Suite 1J
New York, NY 10016
Hours: Mon. 9 - 5; Tue. 9 - 5; Wed. 9 - 5; Thu. 9 - 5; Fri. 9 - 5
Phone: 646-424-1530
Fax: 646-424-1529

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Medical Specialties

Internal Medicine

Medical Expertise

General Internal Medicine, Women's Health

Clinical Responsibilities

Dr. Eileen Hoffman has been in the forefront of the emerging field of women's health and sex- and gender-based medicine. She has consulted with government, medical schools, hospitals and the healthcare industry, both domestically and abroad, on the redesign of services to improve women's healthcare. She has published widely about the need to transform healthcare services and improve medical education to better serve women. Dr. Hoffman also works with women's groups to promote their agendas in moving women's health forward. As an educator, she teaches both medical students and physicians in all specialties. Dr. Hoffman was a member of the task force that defined the Clinical Competencies in Women's Health for medical students. She consulted to the National Board of Medical Examiners as they evaluated the content of the medical licensing examination for its adequacy of sex- and gender- based science and its application to clinical practice. She contributed to the Rand Panel on the Appropriateness of Hysterectomy. Dr. Hoffman also served on an NIH State of the Science Panel to evaluate current data on incontinence and to offer recommendations for future areas of research. Dr. Hoffman received a Testimonial of Gratitude from NYU for being in the honored ranks of those who have devoted themselves to the cause of higher education. She has been honored by Strathmore's Who's Who in recognition of leadership, performance and achievement as a Professional of the year 2010 in Women's Health. Castle Connelly has chosen her as one of the Top Docs in the New York Metropolitan Area, a listing of the top 5% of physicians in New York. Dr. Hoffman is the author of Our Health, Our Lives -- A Revolutionary Approach to Total Health Care for Women, a book published at the start of the women's health movement. She has also authored many peer-reviewed publications on how to learn and think about women-centered health care. Dr. Hoffman has a private practice in internal medicine/women's health. Integrating medical, reproductive and mental healthcare, she provides comprehensive primary care to both women and men. This approach, looking at the whole and not just the part, makes her an excellent diagnostician and a true partner in care.



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Board Certification

1982 — Ab Internal Medicine - Internal Medicine


1975-1979 — S.U.N.Y., Stony Brook Sch. of Med, Medical Education
1979-1980 — Bellevue Hospital Center (Medicine), Residency Training
1980-1982 — NYU Medical Center (Medicine), Residency Training

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