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Molecular characterization of the peripheral airway field of cancerization in lung adenocarcinoma
Tsay, Jun-Chieh J; Li, Zhiguo; Yie, Ting-An; Wu, Feng; Segal, Leopoldo; Greenberg, Alissa K; Leibert, Eric; Weiden, Michael D; Pass, Harvey; Munger, John; Statnikov, Alexander; Tchou-Wong, Kam-Meng; Rom, William N
2015-03-01; 1932-6203,PLoS one - id: 1473472, year: 2015 Journal Article

Chemoprevention of lung cancer: prospects and disappointments in human clinical trials
Greenberg, Alissa K; Tsay, Jun-Chieh; Tchou-Wong, Kam-Meng; Jorgensen, Anna; Rom, William N
2013-11-18; 2072-6694,Cancers - id: 626982, year: 2013 Journal Article

Current readings: blood-based biomarkers for lung cancer
Tsay, Jun-Chieh J; Decotiis, Christopher; Greenberg, Alissa K; Rom, William N
2014-04-04; 1043-0679,Seminars in thoracic & cardiovascular surgery - id: 865632, year: 2013 Journal Article