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Fernando R Goni, Ph.D.

Adjunct Associate Professor;
Department of Neurology (Aging and Dementia Div)

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450 East 29th street
Floor 8 Room 843-A
Alexandria Building
New York, NY 10016

212-263-7731, 212-263-7527

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1983 — Univ of Buenos Aires, Graduate Education

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Amyloid beta and Tau Alzheimers disease related pathology is reduced by toll-like receptor 9 stimulation
Scholtzova, Henrieta; Chianchiano, Peter; Pan, Jason; Sun, Yanjie; Goni, Fernando; Mehta, Pankaj D; Wisniewski, Thomas
2014 Sep;2:101-101, Acta neuropathologica communications
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Immunotherapy for Alzheimer's disease
Wisniewski, Thomas; Goni, Fernando
2014 Jan;:150-150, Biochemical pharmacology
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Analysis of the South American camelids prion proteins: Possible implications for interspecies susceptibility
Elisei, Analia; Porta, Natalia G.; Pinto, Gabriel B.; Wisniewski, Thomas; Goni, Fernando; Trono, Karina G.
2013 APR-MAY;7 S S:39-39, Prion
— id: 516512, year: 2013, vol: 7 S S, page: 39, stat: Journal Article,

Immunomodulation targeting pathology-associated protein conformers in 3xtg and tgswdi mice
Goni, F; Herline, K; Peyser, D K; Wong, V; Scholtzoa, H; Ji, Y; Sun, Y; Wisniewski, T
2013 July 2013;9(4):P847-P847, Alzheimer's & dementia
— id: 953652, year: 2013, vol: 9, page: P847, stat: Journal Article,

Monoclonal antibody therapy targeting the shared pathological conformer of both beta-amyloid and hyperphosphorylated tau
Goni, F; Peyser, D K; Herline, K; Sun, Y; Wisniewski, T
2013 July 2013;9(4):P839-P839, Alzheimer's & dementia
— id: 953662, year: 2013, vol: 9, page: P839, stat: Journal Article,

Immunomodulation targeting of both Abeta and tau pathological conformers ameliorates Alzheimer's disease pathology in TgSwDI and 3xTg mouse models
Goni, Fernando; Herline, Krystal; Peyser, Daniel; Wong, Kinlung; Ji, Yong; Sun, Yanjie; Mehta, Pankaj; Wisniewski, Thomas
2013 Dec;10(1):150-150, Journal of neuroinflammation
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Studies of chronic wasting disease transmission in cervid and non-cervid species
Hoover, Edward A.; Mathiason, Candace K.; Henderson, Davin M.; Haley, Nicholas J.; Seelig, Davis M.; Denkers, Nathaniel D.; Nalls, Amy V.; Zabe, Mark D.; Telling, Glenn C.; Goni, Fernando; Wisniewski, Thomas
2013 APR-MAY;7 S S:7-7, Prion
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Mucosal immunization to prevent Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in deer
Wisniewski, Thomas; Mathiason, Candace; Peyser, Daniel K.; Herline, Krystal; Nalls, Amy; Anderson, Kelly; Estevez, Veronica; Yim, Lucia; Brown, David; Chabalogoity, Jose A.; Hoover, Edward A.; Goni, Fernando
2013 APR-MAY;7 S S:35-35, Prion
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Active immunomodulation targeting abnormal conformation for the treatment of multiple neurodegenerative diseases
Goni, F; Wong, K; Scholtzova, H; Sun, Y; Pan, J; Li, J; Ji, Y; Wisniewski, T
2012 2012;8(4):P625-P625, Alzheimer's & dementia
— id: 178077, year: 2012, vol: 8, page: P625, stat: Journal Article,

Innate immunity stimulation as a novel therapeutic approach in Alzheimer's disease
Scholtzova, H; Goni, F; Pan, J; Sun, Y; Li, J; Mehta, P; Wisniewski, T
2012 2012;8(4):P392-P392, Alzheimer's & dementia
— id: 178084, year: 2012, vol: 8, page: P392, stat: Journal Article,

Active immune intervention for prionoses in deer
Wisniewski, T; Mathiason, C; Wong, K; Hayes-Klug, J; Nalls, A; Anderson, K; Estevez, V; Yim, L; Brown, D; Chabalgoity, J A; Hoover, E; Goni, F
2012 2012;8(4):P403-P404, Alzheimer's & dementia
— id: 178083, year: 2012, vol: 8, page: P403, stat: Journal Article,

Could immunomodulation be used to prevent prion diseases?
Wisniewski, Thomas; Goni, Fernando
2012 Mar;10(3):307-317, Expert review of anti-infective therapy
— id: 159860, year: 2012, vol: 10, page: 307, stat: Journal Article,

Induction of TLR9 signaling in 3XTG-ad mice
Scholtzova H.; Goni F.; Sun Y.; Hatos L.; Pan J.; Kascsak R.; Mehta P.; Spinner D.; Wisniewski T.
2011 ;7(4 SUPPL 1):S665-S665, Alzheimer's & dementia
— id: 136959, year: 2011, vol: 7, page: S665, stat: Journal Article,

Specific anti-prp mucosal and systemic response in white tail deer vaccinated with attenuated salmonella expressing deer prp
Wisniewski T.; Mathiason C.; Wong V.; Hayes-Klug J.; Nalls A.; Anderson K.; Estevez V.; Yim L.; Brown D.; Chabalgoity J.A.; Hoover E.; Goni F.
2011 ;7(4 SUPPL 1):S687-S688, Alzheimer's & dementia
— id: 136958, year: 2011, vol: 7, page: S687, stat: Journal Article,

Immunomodulation targeting abnormal protein conformation reduces pathology in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
Goni, Fernando; Prelli, Frances; Ji, Yong; Scholtzova, Henrieta; Yang, Jing; Sun, Yanjie; Liang, Feng-Xia; Kascsak, Regina; Kascsak, Richard; Mehta, Pankaj; Wisniewski, Thomas
2010 ;5(10):e13391-e13391, PLoS one
— id: 114051, year: 2010, vol: 5, page: e13391, stat: Journal Article,

Immunomodulation for prion and prion-related diseases
Wisniewski, Thomas; Goni, Fernando
2010 Dec;9(12):1441-1452, Expert review of vaccines
— id: 114848, year: 2010, vol: 9, page: 1441, stat: Journal Article,

Diminished Amyloid-beta Burden in Tg2576 Mice Following a Prophylactic Oral Immunization with a Salmonella-Based Amyloid-beta Derivative Vaccine
Boutajangout, Allal; Goni, Fernando; Knudsen, Elin; Schreiber, Fernanda; Asuni, Ayodeji; Quartermain, David; Frangione, Blas; Chabalgoity, Alejandro; Wisniewski, Thomas; Sigurdsson, Einar M
2009 Jan 1;18(4):961-972, Journal of Alzheimer's disease
— id: 107413, year: 2009, vol: 18, page: 961, stat: Journal Article,

High titers of mucosal and systemic anti-PrP antibodies abrogate oral prion infection in mucosal-vaccinated mice
Goni, F; Prelli, F; Schreiber, F; Scholtzova, H; Chung, E; Kascsak, R; Brown, D R; Sigurdsson, E M; Chabalgoity, J A; Wisniewski, T
2008 May 15;153(3):679-686, Neuroscience
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Prevalence and dissemination of the Ser315Thr substitution within the KatG enzyme in isoniazid-resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated in Uruguay
Varela, Gustavo; Gonzalez, Sabina; Gadea, Pilar; Coitinho, Cecilia; Mota, Ines; Gonzalez, Gladys; Goni, Fernando; Rivas, Carlos; Schelotto, Felipe
2008 Dec;57(Pt 12):1518-1522, Journal of medical microbiology
— id: 652622, year: 2008, vol: 57, page: 1518, stat: Journal Article,

Is vaccination against transmissible spongiform encephalopathy feasible?
Wisniewski, T; Chabalgoity, J A; Goni, F
2007 Apr;26(1):243-251, Revue scientifique et technique (International Office of Epizootics)
— id: 73007, year: 2007, vol: 26, page: 243, stat: Journal Article,

Mucosal vaccination can prevent prion infection via an oral route
Wisniewski, T; Prelli, F; Scholtzova, H; Wu, H; Chung, E; Chabalgoity, JA; Sigurdsson, E; Sadowski, M; Goni, F
2007 ;68(12):A348-A348, Neurology
— id: 97602, year: 2007, vol: 68, page: A348, stat: Journal Article,

Mucosal vaccination delays or prevents prion infection via an oral route
Goni, F; Knudsen, E; Schreiber, F; Scholtzova, H; Pankiewicz, J; Carp, R; Meeker, H C; Rubenstein, R; Brown, D R; Sy, M-S; Chabalgoity, J A; Sigurdsson, E M; Wisniewski, T
2005 ;133(2):413-421, Neuroscience
— id: 75837, year: 2005, vol: 133, page: 413, stat: Journal Article,

Extraction and chemical characterization of tissue-deposited proteins from minute diagnostic biopsy specimens
Goni, Fernando; Gallo, Gloria
2005 ;299:261-266, Methods in molecular biology
— id: 56367, year: 2005, vol: 299, page: 261, stat: Journal Article,

New directions towards safer and effective vaccines for Alzheimer's disease
Goni, Fernando; Sigurdsson, Einar M
2005 Feb;7(1):17-23, Current opinion in molecular therapeutics
— id: 55604, year: 2005, vol: 7, page: 17, stat: Journal Article,

Purification, characterization, and immunolocalization of paramyosin from the adult stage of Fasciola hepatica
Cancela, Martin; Carmona, Carlos; Rossi, Silvina; Frangione, Blas; Goni, Fernando; Berasain, Patricia
2004 Apr;92(6):441-448, Parasitology research
— id: 101672, year: 2004, vol: 92, page: 441, stat: Journal Article,

Monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of prion infection
Pankiewicz, J; Prelli, F; Scholtzova, H; Sadowski, M; Sigurdsson, EM; Goni, F; Kascsak, R; Kascsak, R; Carp, RI; Meeker, HC; Sy, MS; Wisniewski, T
2004 JUL ;25(10):S456-S456, Neurobiology of aging
— id: 47740, year: 2004, vol: 25, page: S456, stat: Journal Article,

An attenuated immune response is sufficient to enhance cognition in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model immunized with amyloid-beta derivatives
Sigurdsson, Einar M; Knudsen, Elin; Asuni, Ayodeji; Fitzer-Attas, Cheryl; Sage, Daniel; Quartermain, David; Goni, Fernando; Frangione, Blas; Wisniewski, Thomas
2004 Jul 14;24(28):6277-6282, Journal of neuroscience
— id: 44513, year: 2004, vol: 24, page: 6277, stat: Journal Article,

Modest immune response elicited by A beta derivatives in TG2576 mice improves cognition
Sigurdsson, EM; Knudsen, E; Asuni, A; Sage, D; Goni, F; Quartermam, D; Frangione, B; Wisniewski, T
2004 JUL ;25(10):S576-S576, Neurobiology of aging
— id: 47744, year: 2004, vol: 25, page: S576, stat: Journal Article,

Specific cleavage sites on human IgG subclasses by cruzipain, the major cysteine proteinase from Trypanosoma cruzi
Berasain, Patricia; Carmona, Carlos; Frangione, Blas; Cazzulo, Juan Jose; Goni, Fernando
2003 Aug 11;130(1):23-29, Molecular & biochemical parasitology
— id: 101673, year: 2003, vol: 130, page: 23, stat: Journal Article,

Immunization approaches for the treatment of prion disease
Wisniewski, Thomas; Sy, Man-Sun; Sadowski, Marcin; Kascsak, Richard J.; Kascsak, Regina; Carp, Richard; Goni, Fernando; Sigurdsson, Einar
2003 ;60(5 Supplement 1):A250-302, Neurology
— id: 97619, year: 2003, vol: 60, page: A250, stat: Journal Article,

Fasciola hepatica: parasite-secreted proteinases degrade all human IgG subclasses: determination of the specific cleavage sites and identification of the immunoglobulin fragments produced
Berasain P; Carmona C; Frangione B; Dalton JP; Goni F
2000 Feb;94(2):99-110, Experimental parasitology
— id: 9500, year: 2000, vol: 94, page: 99, stat: Journal Article,

Somatic mutations of the L12a gene in V-kappa(1) light chain deposition disease: potential effects on aberrant protein conformation and deposition
Vidal R; Goni F; Stevens F; Aucouturier P; Kumar A; Frangione B; Ghiso J; Gallo G
1999 Dec;155(6):2009-2017, American journal of pathology
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Proteinases secreted by Fasciola hepatica degrade extracellular matrix and basement membrane components
Berasain P; Goni F; McGonigle S; Dowd A; Dalton JP; Frangione B; Carmona C
1997 Feb;83(1):1-5, Journal of parasitology
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Light chain cardiomyopathy. Structural analysis of the light chain tissue deposits [see comments]
Gallo G; Goni F; Boctor F; Vidal R; Kumar A; Stevens FJ; Frangione B; Ghiso J
1996 May;148(5):1397-1406, American journal of pathology
— id: 9393, year: 1996, vol: 148, page: 1397, stat: Journal Article,

The primary structure of the Fab fragment of protein KAU, a monoclonal immunoglobulin M cold agglutinin
Leoni J; Ghiso J; Goni F; Frangione B
1991 Feb 15;266(5):2836-2842, Journal of biological chemistry
— id: 9424, year: 1991, vol: 266, page: 2836, stat: Journal Article,

Human rheumatoid factor cross-idiotypes. III. Bla monoclonal rheumatoid factor, prototype of the BLA cross-idiotype group, has distinct kappa chains related to the V kappa III subgroup and VH4 heavy chains [see comments]
Barnes JL; Goni F; Heyermann H; Frangione B; Agnello V
1990 Nov;33(11):1710-1715, Arthritis & rheumatism
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Structural and idiotypic characterization of the L chains of human IgM autoantibodies with different specificities [published erratum appears in J Immunol 1989 Dec 1;143(11):3864]
Goni FR; Chen PP; McGinnis D; Arjonilla ML; Fernandez J; Carson D; Solomon A; Mendez E; Frangione B
1989 May 1;142(9):3158-3163, Journal of immunology (1950)
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Cross-reacting idiotypes on cryoprecipitating rheumatoid factor
Chen PP; Fong S; Goni F; Silverman GJ; Fox RI; Liu MF; Frangione B; Carson DA
1988 ;10(1):35-55, Springer seminars in immunopathology
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A double monoclonal IgG1 kappa and IgG2 kappa in a single myeloma patient. Variation in clonal products and therapeutic responses
Goni F; Chuba J; Buxbaum J; Frangione B
1988 Jan 15;140(2):551-557, Journal of immunology (1950)
— id: 9581, year: 1988, vol: 140, page: 551, stat: Journal Article,

Idiotypic and subgroup analysis of human monoclonal rheumatoid factors. Implications for structural and genetic basis of autoantibodies in humans
Silverman GJ; Goldfien RD; Chen P; Mageed RA; Jefferis R; Goni F; Frangione B; Fong S; Carson DA
1988 Aug;82(2):469-475, Journal of clinical investigation
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Distinct patterns of heavy chain variable region subgroup use by human monoclonal autoantibodies of different specificity
Silverman GJ; Goni F; Fernandez J; Chen PP; Frangione B; Carson DA
1988 Dec 1;168(6):2361-2366, Journal of experimental medicine
— id: 9570, year: 1988, vol: 168, page: 2361, stat: Journal Article,

Human rheumatoid factor crossidiotypes. II. Primary structure-dependent crossreactive idiotype, PSL2-CRI, present on Wa monoclonal rheumatoid factors is present on Bla and other IgM kappa monoclonal autoantibodies
Agnello V; Goni F; Barnes JL; de la Vega MT; Frangione B
1987 Jan 1;165(1):263-267, Journal of experimental medicine
— id: 9594, year: 1987, vol: 165, page: 263, stat: Journal Article,

Analyses of human rheumatoid factors with anti-idiotypes induced by synthetic peptides
Chen PP; Fong S; Goni F; Houghten RA; Frangione B; Liu FT; Carson DA
1987 ;22:12-23, Monographs in allergy
— id: 9593, year: 1987, vol: 22, page: 12, stat: Journal Article,

Association between human IgM autoantibodies and kappa chain allotypes
Goni FR; Frangione B
1987 Feb;14(1):15-22, Journal of immunogenetics
— id: 9592, year: 1987, vol: 14, page: 15, stat: Journal Article,

Amino acid sequence of a basic Agkistrodon halys blomhoffii phospholipase A2. Possible role of NH2-terminal lysines in action on phospholipids of Escherichia coli
Forst S; Weiss J; Blackburn P; Frangione B; Goni F; Elsbach P
1986 Jul 29;25(15):4309-4314, Biochemistry
— id: 9599, year: 1986, vol: 25, page: 4309, stat: Journal Article,

Isolation and partial characterization of neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaque core in Alzheimer's disease: immunohistological studies
Gorevic PD; Goni F; Pons-Estel B; Alvarez F; Peress NS; Frangione B
1986 Nov;45(6):647-664, Journal of neuropathology & experimental neurology
— id: 9595, year: 1986, vol: 45, page: 647, stat: Journal Article,

1986 APR ;34(2):A671-A671, Clinical research
— id: 41410, year: 1986, vol: 34, page: A671, stat: Journal Article,

The majority of human monoclonal IgM rheumatoid factors express a "primary structure-dependent" cross-reactive idiotype
Chen PP; Goni F; Fong S; Jirik F; Vaughan JH; Frangione B; Carson DA
1985 May;134(5):3281-3285, Journal of immunology (1950)
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Characterization of human rheumatoid factors with seven antiidiotypes induced by synthetic hypervariable region peptides
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Sequence similarities and cross-idiotypic specificity of L chains among human monoclonal IgM kappa with anti-gamma-globulin activity
Goni F; Chen PP; Pons-Estel B; Carson DA; Frangione B
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Immunochemical similarities between monoclonal antibacterial Waldenstrom's macroglobulins and monoclonal anti-DNA lupus autoantibodies
Naparstek Y; Duggan D; Schattner A; Madaio MP; Goni F; Frangione B; Stollar BD; Kabat EA; Schwartz RS
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Sequence similarities among kappa IIIb chains of monoclonal human IgM kappa autoantibodies
Pons-Estel B; Goni F; Solomon A; Frangione B
1984 Sep 1;160(3):893-904, Journal of experimental medicine
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Amino acid sequence of the Fv region of a human monoclonal IgM (protein WEA) with antibody activity against 3,4-pyruvylated galactose in Klebsiella polysaccharides K30 and K33
Goni F; Frangione B
1983 Aug;80(15):4837-4841, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)
— id: 9623, year: 1983, vol: 80, page: 4837, stat: Journal Article,

1983 ;42(4):839-839, Federation proceedings (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology)
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Preferential association of kappa IIIb light chains with monoclonal human IgM kappa autoantibodies
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Ledford, DK; Franklin, EC; Goni, F; Pizzolato, M; Frangione, B
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Ledford, DK; Goni, F; Solomon, A; Franklin, EC; Frangione, B
1982 ;30(2):A473-A473, Clinical research
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